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  1. tyleryamaha

    Nos LiL Indian Fairbanks morse clutch

    Nos LiL Indian Fairbanks morse clutch 5/8 bore 10tooth 50.00 plus ship
  2. tyleryamaha

    "For Sale" LiL Indian 7000 front Disc brake

    Rare Original LiL Indian 7000 front Disc brake with Rotor , Thin head (P) stamped bolts with correct spacers and fork leg . 150.00 plus ship....
  3. tyleryamaha

    For Sale 2 LiL Indian wheels Rare 4 Inch Aluminum

    Wheels are in excellent cond. with new universal tread tires & tubes. The pic. was copy from the wheels that were posted on this site. 160.00 plus shipping.
  4. tyleryamaha

    Ruttman 4 spoke wheel

    1 Ruttman 4 spoke wheel , good condition. 70.00 plus shipping. Can send pic's over phone. Money orders only. Thanks
  5. tyleryamaha

    5 inch Taco/Ruttman wheel

    1 Taco/Ruttman wheel good condition. Can send pic's on phone 60.00 plus shipping. Pay by Money Order Thanks....
  6. tyleryamaha

    LiL Indian 6000/7000 handlebars

    LiL Indian fold down handlebars with original throttle and grips. $50.00 plus shipping. can send pics through phone. Money orders only.
  7. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza MX gas tank (original)

    Bonanza MX gas tank can send pics through phone. $350.00 plus shipping Money orders only.
  8. tyleryamaha

    Harrison or Judge

    Looking to buy Harrison or Ruttman Jude frame.
  9. tyleryamaha

    Speedway Silver Shadow

    Nice Speedway Silver Shadow for sale on E Bay
  10. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza BC 1400/1500 Seat , Engine plate

    Recovered Bonanza 1400/1500 seat with original BC fiberglass seat pan , both studs good. Evil Ed engine plate new for BC bikes. Seat 145.00 shipped / Engine plate 45.00 shipped lower 48. Can send pics over phone.
  11. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza rear brake

    Bonanza BC1400 rear brake assy. Good cond. 45.00 shipped. Can text pic over phone.
  12. tyleryamaha

    Wanted Carlisle 410/350x4 Indian head sawtooth tire

    Wanted 1 Carlisle Indian head sawtooth tire 410/350x4.... Let me know what you have and price thanks ....
  13. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza Head Badge

    I just seen a Bonanza Head Badge sell on E-bay for 141.00 (Wow)....
  14. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza Engines

    Did Bonanza's use other engines than Tecumpseh or Hodaka ?
  15. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza BC1500SH rear shocks

    Bonanza BC 1500 SH rear shocks 100.00 firm plus shipping good shape. Can send pics over phone later.
  16. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza BC1400 Kidney Bean wheels , sprocket and brake....

    Front and rear Kidney bean wheels with good 60 tooth #35 sprocket on rear 125.00 , Rear bendix drum brake assy. 25.00...Local pick up . Can deliver to Redford , Mich. swap meet this Sat.
  17. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza MX Frame

    Bonanza MX Frame with swing arm no front forks . frame has been sandblasted. Sorry local pickup only... will have this at Frank's Old School swap meet This Sat. 10/25 in Redford Mi. Asking 225.00 Thanks Kevin.....
  18. tyleryamaha

    Early LiL Indian Hands Wheels

    Front and Rear LiL Indian 4 inch Hands Wheels with sprocket 150.00 plus shipping...
  19. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza MX

    Has any members re-built the front forks on a 1510 MX Bonanza. Has anyone used aftermarket forks ? I have the original but they are in bad shape. Thanks....