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  1. Randy

    R.I.P Wayne P Keller

    With a heavy heart I need to let you all know that on Sunday 12-14 my father, Wayne, passed away. I have a lot I'd like to say but I'm sitting here pretty much at a loss for words. If and when I can put them to paper I'll update this post. I'll also update it with his obit and online memorial...
  2. Randy

    4.10 3.50 X 4 Indian Heads **NOS 4 inchers!

    I have a pair of two (2) NOS Indian Heads 4.10 3.50 X 4 4Ply Studded, absolutly new, nice & plyable, stored inside $140 shipped
  3. Randy

    Wanted HS50 Blower Housing

    Need a blower housing for HS50. Needs to have the recoil mount holes/studs orentated flat (in a square) Needs to have Tecumseh numbers. No bends, cracks or extra holes. Needs to be real nice or even new. Thanks!
  4. Randy

    Did eBay change their search format? What changed on eBay?

    It seems like when you search it no longer searches for the key words? It's searching for anything that maybe related to your keywords as-well. Very, very annoying. Has this just changed?
  5. Randy

    What size tank did Bonanza use?

    What tank size for under the seat? Are they 4" X 8"?
  6. Randy

    Good deal in Port Richey Fla. Lil'RuppTaco

    This is well worth the asking price if someone is close. Lil' Indian with Taco Forks that they think is a Rupp:laugh: vintage rupp mini bike dirt bike scooter bike atv bike cylce motorcycle old in Scooters & Mopeds | eBay Motors
  7. Randy

    10" Arco Wards

    I put my Wards/Arco bike together, thinking I would put it on C/L to sell. I guess it's because of the seat being over the wheel but it will wheelie like you would not believe. What a blast :scooter: I might have to keep it:scooter:
  8. Randy

    gearing question, help please

    I'm trying to narrow down my choices on gearing a bike. I can't afford to buy 10 sprockets to test. Hopefully only one or two.. Lets say a good running 6 horse engine that will only be turned to, say 5K. I'm going to run a 30 series clutch set up on my jackshaft, then I need my output sprocket...
  9. Randy

    Questions on TAV style set-ups...

    Whats the difference between a 6" driven and a 7" other then the 1"??? Obviously you'll have a lower low range but will they achieve the same top speed given everything else is equal?:shrug: I was going to put a TAV on my build but I think I'll just piece together a TQ set up using my...
  10. Randy

    70 up Rupp Clutch Question(s)

    I know Brandt was selling a driver to replace the original TC. Dose anyone know what driver that was (it looked just like a comet) or, do you know what driver is a bolt on replacement for the original? Also, on the secondary. Has anyone played with setting the springs preload? There is 3...
  11. Randy

    Anyone have a Round Port HS50?

    I've never even seen one, I don't think. I guess the very first HS50's had them when they still used the older style blower housing. I think that would be the give away as to the port. My question is, I wonder if they had the small exhaust port like a HS40? I've been told the intake port is the...
  12. Randy

    Wish I was closer. Cat 250X on Ebay

    One of you guy's down south should snag this. Restored Vintage Cat 250x Mini Bike | eBay Same guy has a nice Bonanza
  13. Randy

    Bonanza BC1000 My Windber Build

    Here is my current project. Bonanza BC1000, this is a early bike according to the Bonanza guys. Around a 1967 or so. What I want is to build this as a road bike for use in parades here in my own town, as-well as my annual pilgrimage to Windber. So what I want is a very solid bike that will haul...
  14. Randy

    $100 per Horse Power

    Vintage 1973 Briggs and Stratton 5HP Engine Mini Bike -Video | eBay
  15. Randy

    Anyone use

    I just found it about 7 months ago. It's pretty slick, keeps track of your millage, cost per gallon, averages. All kinds of cool stuff. I was surprised, I just filled my truck up, it's first fill up since I tuned it up and I went from 17.1 mpg to 18.8:smile: It's pretty cool, check it out...
  16. Randy

    71 up Rupp guy's.. A few more questions.

    Help me out here. I have a few little things and I can get this thing together:scooter: #1 is there a 'fix' for the spot on the frame that catches the kick stand forward (you Rupp guys will know what I mean) I was thinking of either welding it up and reshaping it? Or maybe just running bolts...
  17. Randy

    Rupp Hustler/Scrambler wheel Hub/Brake Part HELP!

    All items found. Thanks for the help! All items found. Thanks for the help! Rupp part#18128 It holds the wheel bearing between the brake drum and backing plate. #21 on this explosion. This is the part I need.
  18. Randy

    '71 up Rupp questions

    #1 Anyone know a paint code for the dark metallic green used on a '71 Scrambler? #2 Are the fork lowers the same on the '71 up bikes between 10" and 12" ? #3 (On a bike with front brakes, like a Roadster) Do both fork lowers have the tab for the drum to slide into, or should a bike with a...
  19. Randy

    Running 4HP Tecumseh Engine *bearing pto*

    SOLD.. SOLD Newer H40 Power Sport engine. Fires right up and runs fine. It has a non-adjustable carb. Blower housing and recoil are dented up (see pics) and need repaired or replaced. 2 1/2" X 3/4" crank with a bearing output. Sold****$100.00 plus actual shipping from 17055
  20. Randy

    Fantic Bronnco Ducati Asperia 2.8 Ing. Parts & Flywheel

    Stator and flywheel are marked Ducati. Flywheel has chips as shown in photos but is very usable (each fin has the same chip. This is from a 2.8 non lighted. It should fit H25-H35 and maybe HS40? $40 shipped