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  1. Jag57

    chopper seat springs

    WTB chopper scout seat springs thanks
  2. Jag57

    hello fellow biker did you find springs for your chopper yet? I am also looking for a pair

    hello fellow biker did you find springs for your chopper yet? I am also looking for a pair
  3. Jag57

    Vintage NOS Bonanza Chopper Sissy bar lower legs

    still have these?
  4. Jag57

    DIY led lighting.

    Question what was your output voltage (load no load) enough for a 12v battery?
  5. Jag57

    DIY led lighting.

    took me too long to find this, but well worth it thank you!!
  6. Jag57

    hot dog hut.?

    is this still happening or is it dead?
  7. Jag57

    Ace 100

    not a bad deal
  8. Jag57

    Hot Dog hut??

    hut now what ???? DAMMIT...
  9. Jag57

    Hot Dog hut??

    Any word about a spring swap meet?
  10. Jag57

    New from Nj

    where in NJ?
  11. Jag57

    NOS Small Round Gas Tanks

    PM sent
  12. Jag57

    ebay alert nice rolling frame for $50 bucks with seat / California

    Mini Bike Chopper Frame No Motor w Tires Big Seat and Shocks | eBay
  13. Jag57


    That lamp is very cool vid's kept me busy like a hour! oldfatguy you should try metal scrap yards and or recycling i find the best stuff there.
  14. Jag57

    pressure washers

    i'm gonna try that pump saver stuff...thanks...been out in the rain for 2 days :doah: I really got to stop buying stuff LOL
  15. Jag57

    pressure washers

    maybe i got a better deal than I thought :thumbsup:
  16. Jag57

    pressure washers

    I should add the guy said some kid was running it and let the pump crankcase run with no oil (not the engine) I never saw a p/w like this before? I changed the oil after taking the piston pump thingy apart and back together the oil was gray with water.ran it a few min thought it would fill with...
  17. Jag57

    pressure washers

    anybody know anything about pressure washer pumps? Or know of any diys i picked up one at a GS for 25 bucks guy said was weak but I fired it up and was not so bad really?
  18. Jag57


    I gotta ask ...what does moonshine taste like???....gin,wiskey,buourbon???
  19. Jag57

    BSE moto skeeter carb help?

    turns out the spark was just not strong enough :doah:
  20. Jag57

    Questions: Harbor Freight -Air Compressor + Sand blaster...

    I like VWfan79 take on this the best. I have the 99 dollar blast cabinet from HF been great for years but small stuff only, but just recently tried the $19.99 sand blast gun with black beauty media and was blown away, but you can remove metal with that so use caution I have a 22 gal compressor...