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  1. The Restore Kid

    NIB Snowkart

    never assembled novoslei snow gokart
  2. The Restore Kid

    Riskitall, from the creators of Ignoritall

    YET the latest pharmaceutical garbage THAT YOU NEED BAD!! :ohmy: TV SAYS SO RITE NOW!! Youuuu need it TOO bad NO!! THREE BAD!! Hurry up and eat some of this Risk-It-All.. and soon your son will grow a big ole pair of knockers and start leaking breast milk in no time.. :thumbsup: Remember to...
  3. The Restore Kid

    Stamina.. How many pushups???

    How many pushups should a person be able to do?? what do you do to help with stamina? :shrug: In the winter, shoveling the driveway is pretty good, as it's a workout, yet not boiling hot out, and you're working towards a goal.. You can see your progress, ya know?? OR out cutting wood.. Ya cut...
  4. The Restore Kid

    Cheap round top HS40

    Tecumseh 4 HP Go Cart Snowblower Engine Runs Great | eBay
  5. The Restore Kid

    Lordy Lordy Lordy

    I can't help it I like to party :devil2: It's genetic, it's electrifying :wink: Wind me up, and watch me go.. :freakout: :punk: Pink - Bad Influence- Lyrics . - YouTube
  6. The Restore Kid

    Manco wheel sprocket spacer

    6 bolt pattern cast aluminum spacer, goes between the wheel half and sprocket, makes any 5 or 6 inch wheel half a rear wheel with addition of a sprocket and maybe a drill and tap job.. I didn't bother to upload a pic.. :laugh: sorta dirty, darkened in color, maybe a piece of overspray here or...
  7. The Restore Kid

    Carlisle Indian Head tires

    Multiple 4 and 6 inch Carlisle tires.. # 1....... Double Indian Head (single side) Diamond tread on Cheeftah solid steel very nice tire, rim strait but has some dings on one lip, not rusty, drill rim in half and the tire will come out easily, tube probably won't like it...
  8. The Restore Kid

    four inch aluminum mags

    I have all the bolts and nuts and washers too, just not pictured I guess they were pretty common on the old 60's karts and stuff.. Thats were these two cam from.. VERY SOLID.. HEAVY duty things.. There are some dings in the face of the bead, but they're not very deep. There is by far enough...
  9. The Restore Kid

    Tecumseh flathead parts

    I am cleaning up and clearing out.. :hammer: Cheezy insipred me to start dicking with motors as to know what is what.. Have a pile brewing of cylinder heads, side covers, cam shafts, rods.. odd sheet metal parts.. NO CARBS!! Not much for cranks, no motors (as of yet) H-20 - 35 heads, cams, a...
  10. The Restore Kid

    WOW!! The black helicopters.....

    5 Blackhawks just flew over head, barely.. i had to duck.. :glare: Nothing unusual around here.. Blackhawks fly over ALL THE DAMNED TIME!!!! Even a Chinook last week.. Of coarse... they NEVER fly back.. :shrug: And going nowhere.. :shrug: NOTHING!!! in that direction.. Battle Creek MI holds an...
  11. The Restore Kid

    MUST SEE Briggs VW homemade bike engine

    Homemade open crank motor bicycle - YouTube
  12. The Restore Kid

    Neck's email...

    I never saved it, and evidently nobody else knows either.. :glare: I'm fixin to just snail mail the guy.. :glare: unless someone wants to PM it to me.. :shrug:
  13. The Restore Kid

    Aviation History Log Slitter...

    I'm hoping to get this..... I have an old splitter that was originally set up to run on a large gas engine or a 3 horse 3 phase electric motor. Right now it has neither, it sits on 14 inch wheels . two I beams stacked and powered by a cylinder that came off a B-52 bomber front landing gear...
  14. The Restore Kid


    Shoulda been watchin this.. well that was stupid.. :glare: Vintage Cox Chainsaw, missing bar, carb, exhaust, has compression -®
  15. The Restore Kid

    Bubble Vision Rupp Continental make offer

    mini bike frame
  16. The Restore Kid

    Close account?

    Has anyone ever found a spot to delete your account?? :confused:
  17. The Restore Kid

    ToteGoteLand not a website anymore???

    what happened to totegoatland?? :shrug: Can anyone find a website called totegoteland or anything resembling totegoatland that is a website about minibikes? Or did they shut it down??? :confused:
  18. The Restore Kid

    Converting Walbrow non adjustable carb to adjustable

    I have this little generator with the Walbrow bowl carb on a 3.5 horse flatty.. It uses a nice aluminum intake manifold.. Problem is the main jet is not adjustable, and if I want to use the generator, I gotta wire the choke like EXACTLY 23 / 59 shut, or it won't run.. The power went out, and...
  19. The Restore Kid

    NO POWER OUTAGE thread????

    JEEeeez man.. Am I the only one with no power and cable for like 5 days because of the ice storm?? :glare:
  20. The Restore Kid

    Off Road Segway wreck video revieled

    There's a brief shot of it running.. It appears to burn Liquid Rocket Fuel??? :confused: Or is that a solid booster?? :shrug: I wonder if KB2 or DZL knows anything about these.. :glare: Avril Lavigne - Rock N Roll - YouTube