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  1. Jamie1972

    20 degree intake adapters

    Bolts onto stock Tecumseh intake manifolds with 1/4-20 thru bolts. I have 6 available. 20.00 each. 5.00 shipping. Will Combine shipping for multiple quantities.
  2. Jamie1972

    Missing Menber....Charlie..."CRC"

    Does anybody know the "where-a-bouts" of OMB Member...Charlie..."CRC"....Dead or Alive.. Been trying to contact him......With no avail.
  3. Jamie1972

    I'm Done.

    I know this will make some people very happy. I just want to say thank you to the creator and moderators and dedicated contributors of this form, it is an excellent Mini Bike resource and community. I no longer enjoy being A part of the OMB Forum. Though I have made a lot of friends, I also...
  4. Jamie1972

    1970 TrailHorse GTO 1200 Survivor for sale

    This was listed on eBay a little while back. and he wants 700.00 Period. Beautiful Survivor and you don't see to many full suspension TrailHorse in this condition. It's located in New Haven, CT area.
  5. Jamie1972

    Rupp rat or trucker trikes

    Does anybody on the forum own a RUPP RAT or a TRUCKER (TRUK-R) trike? I've looked on the Internet for examples of a RAT and there are maybe one or two nice original examples and only one nice original example of a TRUCKER... Just curious if anyone here has one. Would love to know more...
  6. Jamie1972

    Rupp rat catalog brochure and wanted

    Hello, I am looking for this Rupp rat catalog brochure or at least a copy if possible please.
  7. Jamie1972

    Late Fall ride....

    Had a chance to visit a "Awesome friend" up North for a late Fall trike ride in the sticks..! Thanks again!!:thumbsup:
  8. Jamie1972

    8hp Tecumseh carb.

    Looking for the carburater bowl fuel adjusting needle, spring. (On the bottom) I cannot locate mine and I need one. Any help or leads are appreciated. If someone has a complete carb. That's junk other wise let me know too. Thanks.!
  9. Jamie1972

    TT500 on EBay

    Nice bike on eBay.
  10. Jamie1972

    @@ trailhorse throttle and dumby grip@@

    If there is enough interest...I will be starting on Reproduction Trailhorse Throttle and Dumby grip this Winter..... Black and white ones... Anybody have any need for these?
  11. Jamie1972

    @@Minibike Parts for sale CHEAP PRICES@@

    Got stuff laying around I don't want anymore. So there for sale cheap.! General 4.10/3.50-6 tire w/ tube great condition no dryrot. 8.50 +shipping. A pair of Kenda sawtooth tires in great cond. 7.00+shipping. Silver spring shocks. 10.00+shipping Throttle control with motocross...
  12. Jamie1972

    @@Thunder Jet 500 slot car NEW@@

    Found this upstairs and have no desire for it ThunderJet 500 H.O Scale slot car 69 Nova SS 17.00+ 3.50 shipping. New (never used)
  13. Jamie1972

    TrailHorse black and white foot leg covers.

    TrailHorse black or white foot peg covers. These are NEW/ HIGH QUALITY REPRODUCTION COVERS. Perfect for your restoration, survivor or daily rider bike. 42.50 shipped. 52.50 shipped.
  14. Jamie1972

    Survivor 1973 MTD Mud Bug Trike

    Just picked up this nice orig. 73 MTD Mud Bug over the weekend. With orig. 8hp Tecumseh that fires and runs great! Orig. Owners Manual is a nice bonus.! Missing only the torque converter belt (just came in from Thanks Randy! :thumbsup: And the seat. Big thanks to...
  15. Jamie1972

    Chevy related items ( brochures, model and book)

    I have several dealer brochures 71, 73 Camaro. (covers RS/SS/Z28) 68,71,72,75 Corvette brochures. 81 Malibu. 86 Chevy light duty truck repair manual. Book: "How to super tune your Z28" covers 70-81 cars. 5.00+2.50 shipping. 81 Camaro Z28 ERTL model. (Metal body, un assembled ) 20.00 +...
  16. Jamie1972

    Lil S.O.B trike (roller)

    Trike for sale in State college , Pa area... Good shape. Needs rear tires. 250.00 Can't load photo. Pm email or text number for picture
  17. Jamie1972

    Lil Indian foot peg rubber knob ends

    Looking for a decent used pair of the knob style foot peg ends. Looking to finish my boys first Minibike bike! Any leads or help would be appreciated.
  18. Jamie1972

    Cat/trailcat foot peg covers

    I have currently one set of CAT reproduction foot peg covers.... Correct length, size...exact match. Perfect for a restoration or survivor. 35.00+2.50 shipping. One set of TrailHorse reproduction foot peg covers..... Correct length and size...exact match. Perfect for a restoration...
  19. Jamie1972

    Alsport ski option

    So..... Long story short.... I got this ski for my S.O.B trike.... But it does not fit and I don't wanna modify it... After consulting with another member we determined it to be for a alsport trike... Hence the white color with red/blue stripe.. Thanks to Nate, George for there...
  20. Jamie1972

    No idea...