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  1. 1stlegendtx

    Just purchased this....couldn't pass it up!....Zebra

    just missed this one...........
  2. 1stlegendtx

    Just purchased this....couldn't pass it up!....Zebra

    Mac may still have a fiberglass copy of the cover.
  3. 1stlegendtx

    West Bend?

    Looks like a Jacobsen to me.
  4. 1stlegendtx

    Another Mac's yard sale july 21st, 2018??

    I have not done any Mini Bike related activity for a year or two but I may go to this just because I miss Mac on here.
  5. 1stlegendtx

    Is it a Master Briggs Kart Engine Tool?

    It is the back half of the engine mount for a race Kart.
  6. 1stlegendtx

    frame id

    That seat looks like its from a Zebra even though the frame is something else.
  7. 1stlegendtx

    Taco 33 or Taquito/

    If thats the stock front wheel then I would think Taquito.:shrug:
  8. 1stlegendtx

    Flexo Taco Scrambler??? Looks just like this one.
  9. 1stlegendtx

    1960s Taco minibike collectors dream - $850

    It is a Power Products.
  10. 1stlegendtx

    What minibikes or karts came with a 4 HP Briggs?

    Powell's came with a 4hp Briggs.
  11. 1stlegendtx

    Happy Birthday Mac !!!

  12. 1stlegendtx

    Wanted: Caper Cycle Seat / Template

    I know Kenny has made them before.
  13. 1stlegendtx

    Aggie 98 ready to go!

    You got it from Tom ?
  14. 1stlegendtx

    Happy Birthday TANKSAREUS!!!!

  15. 1stlegendtx

    Restoring Lloyd and Harry's Mini Bike

    Here are a couple of headlights that look kind of like the one one the bike........Antique Vintage Headlight Bicycle or Motorcycle Model A Harley Indian | eBay Vintage Oil Powered Flash Light Flashlight Head Light Bike Cycle Motorcycle | eBay
  16. 1stlegendtx

    Old rusty roller

  17. 1stlegendtx

    It has a rupp seat...