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  1. relicracing

    It's almost a mini bike

    Very cool!
  2. relicracing

    Vintage bug flea

    Search around on this site as there is info on it. I found one a couple years ago, Markus id’d it for me and posted an article stating it was the first Minibike, mass produced. Beat Go Kart to the market by utilizing kart steering wheel hoops for sections of the frame & fork. Your seat is an add...
  3. relicracing

    Advertisements in middle of threads?

    I only see them when I’m not “logged on”. As soon as I do, there gone. Same posts. Just me?
  4. relicracing

    4 Rupp Chain Guards

  5. relicracing

    Rupp (Enduro II?) Parts

  6. relicracing

    Bonanza Frame, Fork, etc. $80

    All sold, reply sent to e-mail reply sent to above e-mail
  7. relicracing

    Rupp (Enduro II?) Parts

    Swing arm $20, Upper fork section $30, both for $40. All + shipping or meet up/pick up. Located in Southern NJ.- Thom
  8. relicracing

    4 Rupp Chain Guards

    Not sure of model/fitment. Bottom/Left one has a small crack on the mounting tab as seen in the last, close up, photo. Bottom/Right one differs from the others as it has a single hole instead of a small bracket secured with two rivets, like the others. Part of a Rupp parts stash I bought. $20...
  9. relicracing

    Powerdyne 60 Exhaust

    For 60cc Fuji motor. Fair shape with the exception of the rear mounting tab being broken off, leaving a hole in the pipe. The last photo is of my buddy’s bike that I used to ID this pipe. Purchased this pipe as an unknown, at a swap meet, hoping to fit it to my Bonanza/Hodaka, but it hit the...
  10. relicracing

    This one has got me stumped?

    Uuhhmm... cool? Never have seen one, cool swing arm suspension. Nice find!
  11. relicracing

    Bonanza Frame, Fork, etc. $80

    All sold at local MC swap meet. Thanks.
  12. relicracing

    Post a pic of your 1970 speedway mini bike

    Educate me. What makes the belt special? Not a standard “V” belt? Size?
  13. relicracing

    Bonanza Frame, Fork, etc. $80

    Bump. Millville, NJ
  14. relicracing


    Is it a brake, as well?
  15. relicracing


    Love the fork mounted foot boards.
  16. relicracing

    Happy Birthday manchester1

    Happy Birthday!
  17. relicracing

    Help!! Go Power Bonanza wheels

    Kano Kroil. Been around forever, still the best, has never let me down. If it doesn’t work, nothing will. Drill off the heads. -38 year aircraft fabrication mechanic
  18. relicracing

    a couple of engines for future projects

    Good on you all. Keep ‘em vintage and as original as possible, I say.
  19. relicracing

    Bonanza Frame, Fork, etc. $80

    Bought it off Facebook for the pegs, throttle & kickstand I needed. Selling off the rest, everything pictured, hopefully. Was painted, including the fork, but will need to be again. It looks undamaged except for the one engine mount hole. I still need one good Go Power wheel so if you have one...