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  1. tyleryamaha

    LiL Indian brake caliper

    Not mine but a nice looking complete LiL INdian brake caliper on Detroit craigslist.
  2. tyleryamaha

    LiL Indian 7000

    Caliper is still for sale.
  3. tyleryamaha

    yes I still have the LiL Indian brake caliper with lower fork leg and rotor .

    yes I still have the LiL Indian brake caliper with lower fork leg and rotor .
  4. tyleryamaha

    LiL Indian 7000

    For sale LiL Indian 7000 front brake caliper with rotor Disc and Lower fork Leg that the caliper is mounted to. Good cond , 100.00 plus shipping can send pics from phone.
  5. tyleryamaha

    Harrison Project

    Cool bike , Great story ….. Love northern Michigan... Kid Rock sings about northern Mich......
  6. tyleryamaha

    Super Saturday Race September 28th at Milan Dragway.

    Moe.......Was good to hang out with ya at Milan Super Sat. mini bike drags . Can't wait till next season , hopefully we can make more races next year. Kevin.....
  7. tyleryamaha


    LiL Indian
  8. tyleryamaha

    Happy Birthday manchester1

    Happy B day , take you a mini bike ride !
  9. tyleryamaha

    New Motovox projects

    Hey Moe.…. I just was told that the harbor freight 6.5 hp engines with coupon 89.00
  10. tyleryamaha

    Moe's Motovox drag mini.

    I was told that Milan cancelled the races on 9/28
  11. tyleryamaha

    Weekend at the Races

    As always Tom great pictures , I raced in 1968 -1970 scrambles in the 100cc class on a Bultaco and a Hodaka in Michigan . I wish I had more racing pictures , only have maybe 8 or 10 . A few from the track photographer and a few my dad took with a kodak Instamatic. You can never have to many...
  12. tyleryamaha

    Besides mini bikes what else do you collect or are into???

    Nice car 340 six pack ? I still have my Revelle slot car track from 1968...….
  13. tyleryamaha

    I am sad today...

    I have been going there since 1975 , guns to groceries to hardware. Excellent jerky ! Sad to hear about this.....
  14. tyleryamaha

    Pic my buddy sent of him

    Both Cool looking bikes, is that a YZ motor on the salt flat racer ?
  15. tyleryamaha

    Harrison Wildcat FG fenders

    sent pm
  16. tyleryamaha

    Nos LiL Indian Fairbanks morse clutch

    Nos LiL Indian Fairbanks morse clutch 5/8 bore 10tooth 50.00 plus ship
  17. tyleryamaha

    "For Sale" LiL Indian 7000 front Disc brake

    Rare Original LiL Indian 7000 front Disc brake with Rotor , Thin head (P) stamped bolts with correct spacers and fork leg . 150.00 plus ship....
  18. tyleryamaha

    what did I buy for $5?

    Lomart Industries "Cheeftah"
  19. tyleryamaha

    Lil Indian #10352

    I had a new 1962 LiL Indian , they came with a Clinton A-400 2 cycle . Same engines that were used on many go karts back then, Also hands wheels that were also used on karts. The brake was a internal drum inside of the sprocket hub.