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  1. Steve73

    Lil Indian Sabre ish...

    I think its time for a winter project. And this is it........ Please leave your comments I could not find any serial anything's. Lol. There is multiple layers of paint thru out.. And yes the handle bars have been welded stuck. In gonna have to undo and find me some turn knob thingys to hold...
  2. Steve73

    Taco? Or what...

    A shell of a former something? Complete with booger welds, broken frame, foot pegs ripped off, broken front rim.. Isnt she beautiful! Projects never end it seems. Lol.. Thank you for looking and helping me identify this little beauty...
  3. Steve73

    Nos 10hp score plus bonus!

    Scored this sweet nos engine tonight on a 3 week old listing. With manual and original receipt.. Lol. Easy throttle hookup to boot. Plus bonus listing I could not resist.
  4. Steve73

    Vintage old skool kool?

    Picked this up today. PO saved this from the junk yard yrs ago. Doesn't know what it was other than vintage. I'm curious what you all think? Chain guard look familiar? How about this jack shaft brake? Rear fender mounts are a particular design I'm not familiar with. And lastly the...
  5. Steve73

    Bonanza and karls harley mystery frame

    So I picked up a pretty solid bonanza frame with who knows what wheels and came with NOS 5hp briggs that never had fuel or oil added to it. Plus! However after talking minis for a couple minutes he gives me a mystery frame for free. It just says Karl's Harley on the front. Lol.. If this looks...
  6. Steve73

    Looking for 1969 cat 400x chain guard and fenders. Thank you for helping!

    Looking for ever elusive clutch chain guard from 1969 cat 400x. If there are and fenders out there I need those too. Maybe trade for the clutch guard i already have or at least work out a deal.Thank you for looking and if possible thanks for helping! Steve73
  7. Steve73

    1970 cat 400x

    Picked up this sweet cat. Its a runner. Anyone have a proper chain guard for this that wouldn't mine letting go I would be very appreciative. I have a cat guard to a chopper with a slanted engine but not for this one... Enjoy the madness..
  8. Steve73

    New rides entry: 1970 Fox Condor

    Steve73 1970 Fox Condor 1970 Fox condor mini bike cleaned, tuned, ready to ride!
  9. Steve73

    Got here a fox mini bike of some sorts...condor?

    Found this fox for sale. On my way to pick it up I got locked out of my truck. 3.5hrs later I was rescued. Finally met up with a promise of paying more than the asking price due to the overwhelming interest, I finally got it! It runs but carb leaks. My plans are to clean it up as much as I can...
  10. Steve73

    Dune cycle seat embossing

    My dune cycle seat is old, brittle and done. I’m Having a stamp made so I can imprint a new dune cycle seat. Due to its size it’s pricey but worth it I think. If I get this done is there anyone that has a seat cover that would want their seat cover done. Depending on the response I think this...
  11. Steve73

    Montesa Cota 25c?

    Today I picked up, I think is a Montesa Cota 25c mini bike? Not a lot to go on other than from matching Google Image searches. Forum search didn't bring up anything on this tiny bike. There's gotta be somebody that is familiar with what I have. It seems parts are super pricey online. Not sure if...
  12. Steve73

    Barris super stocker-ish...

    This adventure started while browsing on offer up and found myself picking up of what was left of a barris super stocker. Somebody had replaced the front end with one from a motorcycle. Ugh.. HOPEFULLY I Can Get This Running soon..
  13. Steve73

    Help with hob cobbled Franken mini. What could it be?

    So I ended up with someone's Franken minI project. Rear wheel has me stumped. Sprocket looks cut to fit maybe? Looked high and low in image searches and found close matches but nothing so far. Anyone seen what this might have been or could be? Thanks a million! Steve...
  14. Steve73

    Dune cycle with foot pedals?

    Found myself as the new owner of a dune cycle, needs some work. One thing I've noticed is nobody has foot pedals. Did I get a Franken dune cycle? Lol..