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  1. Ajf

    72 and up speedway fork boots

    I sent this guy an nos speedway fork boot to make a mold from and he’s selling them now on eBay. These are for all 14” speedways and 72 and up 10” speedways. They turned out perfect and I can’t tell the difference from my nos one...
  2. Ajf

    Speedway front fender

    Looking for a nice speedway front fender for 10 inch wheel bike. It will be rechromed.
  3. Ajf

    Fox mini bike hub

    Looking for a hub for a 3 piece fox wheel.
  4. Ajf

    Sebac shocks for 68-69 rupp

    I’m looking for a restorable set of sebac shocks that were used on the 68-69 rupps
  5. Ajf

    5” Rupp Dart Cycle front wheel

    I’m looking for a front wheel for a dart cycle. I believe it’s 5”. Thanks
  6. Ajf

    Power products ah58

    Looking for a power products ah58 engine
  7. Ajf

    Early Tecumseh air filter housing

    I’m looking for an early Tecumseh airfilter housing for a project. Here’s a photo I borrowed from the photo gallery.
  8. Ajf

    Rupp headlight 68

    Looking for a 1968 rupp headlight or just the bucket. Thanks
  9. Ajf

    Rupp xl350 clutch cover

    looking for an xl350 clutch cover
  10. Ajf

    Nos pirelli mt74 knobby

    Looking for an nos pirelli mt74 3.00-10 tire. I will buy a set if you don’t wanna break a set up.
  11. Ajf

    4.10/3.50-5 Carlisle or Goodyear.

    I need a set of 2 or 4 4.10/3.50-5 Carlisle Indian heads or Goodyear studded tires in nos or real nice used condition for a kart I recently got.
  12. Ajf

    Aermacchi x90 headlight reflector bracket

    I need the left headlight reflector bracket or possibly a complete headlight for an aermacchi x90. Thanks Aaron.
  13. Ajf

    Replacement aermacchi x90 headlight bulb

    I’m looking for a replacement headlight bulb that I can use in my 74 aermacchi x90. It has a 3 prong connector and needs to be a hi lo bulb. The original is 105mm. I set the one from my rupp in it and it seems to fit good but it is 12v. Thanks.
  14. Ajf

    Hs50 early lighted flywheel

    Hello. I’m looking for an early hs50 aluminum lighted flywheel. It’s different than the hs40 and would of been on a 72-early 74 I believe. Here’s some photos.
  15. Ajf

    need part sandcasted.

    I’m looking for someone who can sand-cast an aluminum brake plate for me. I am missing the rear one but can borrow one. I have looked everywhere and can’t find the right one. This is the only part holding me up for my speedway super spyder restoration. Please send message or email me directly...
  16. Ajf

    Hs50 bushing crank 3/4”

    Hello, I need an hs50 3/4” non ball bearing crank. It does need to be the smaller taper smaller thread ones that was used pre sometime early 80’s I think. It’s ok if not drilled and tapped but I prefer it to be. Thank you.
  17. Ajf

    Brake plate for mtd duster

    Hello, I’m looking for the rear brake plate from an mtd duster. I will pay top dollar for one or buy a whole bike. Will also pay a finders fee if you know someone that has one. These brake may have been used on some of the big fox bikes.
  18. Ajf

    Hs40 lighted blower housing early 70’s

    I’m looking for an early 70s lighted blower housing for a slanted engine. Doesn’t need tag and Don’t care about paint. Thanks. Aaron
  19. Ajf

    Rare rupp All original no modifications whatsoever. Lol
  20. Ajf

    Wtb speedway forks 72-73

    I’m looking for a set of 72-73 speedway forks for a 10” wheeel bike. I don’t need the lowers but I will buy with or without.