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  1. skokryder

    rokon trail-breaker

    Here's one for the more money than brains club I thought i'd share, ROKON: TrailBreaker I seen this in the back of popular mechanics mag, While the duel wheel drive is cool I don't know about spending 5,500-6000 for it might as well get a quad or dirt bike.
  2. skokryder

    Engine!, ideas!, for my roller

    well it happened, I told my self one was enough, but I picked up my second mini bike project.:doah: I got it off ebay I decided to bid on it since no one else was and I had a slight buzz goin on to help grease the wheels. Now that I got it I don't know what direction to go with it I...
  3. skokryder

    turbo mini up for bid on ebay check it out

    I thought this thing was cool eBay Motors: Mini Chopper Turbocharged Custom Bike (item 160246744564 end time Jun-08-08 12:36:05 PDT)
  4. skokryder

    anyone had this happen to tav2

    I was riding my mini the other day and I was noticing that when I was riding it It didn't seem to have the same take off as usual it took longer to reach top speed. then when I slowed down I could hear a thumping sound coming from the tav side :censure:. so I took the cover off for a closer...
  5. skokryder

    skokryders doodle bug

    well this whole thing started when I needed more power from my lifan 2.8 engine on my baja doodle bug. so I found a champion 6.5 horse power engine on ebay for $100. then doing research online I found a vid on youtube with this guy on on a doodle bug with the same champion engine pullin wheelies...
  6. skokryder

    champion 6.5(shaft rockers)head to gx160 style head

    So I have bought a complete gx160 head for my champion 6.5 clone (gx200 with shaft mounted rockers, switched so I could fit 1.2 ratio rockers and have higher compression) and am wondering if it will work with out porting or if not could some one explain what I have to do make this head work I...
  7. skokryder

    Champion/honda gx200 compatability

    I've been thinking about putting in a billet rod & stiffer valve springs into my champion engine, and was wodering if after market honda gx200 parts will fit this engine? I know the rockers are different and are shaft mounted:thumbdown: (no 1.2 ratio rockers) but will stiffer springs and a...
  8. skokryder

    carb main jet question

    I have a baja motor sports doodlebug with a champion 6.5 honda gx200 clone and a tav2. it also has a air filter adapter and I just bought an exhaust header muffler combo for it. before with just the air filter it would backfire when i let off the throttle, so i think this means it's running...
  9. skokryder

    I Need A KILL Switch HELP!!

    I am new to mini bikes and this site so this is a newb question how do you install a push button kill switch to a champion 6.5 honda gx200 clone. I just put one onto my baja doodlebug with a tav2 and it wants to pull wheelies like crazy:thumbsup:. I can slowly get it up to speed alright but I...