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  1. MaddBiker

    Clutch Band Brake Mount Predator 212cc

    I made this mount for my bike after looking around I did not see any for sale Im going to have 15 made at first to sell I will supply all hardware to bolt it to the engine, all you will need is the brake, brake lever, and cable I can provide the links to those parts The mount will come...
  2. MaddBiker

    First MiniBike ever Build

    always wanted one when I was a kid, 2 friends had them and they would tear up the streets with them anyways I finally bought one Ive been into scooters for a while now so im familiar with how some of this stuff works Wanted to go simple, putt around on although not street legal where I live im...
  3. MaddBiker

    exploded parts diagram "PHOTO"

    Hello, I signed up to this site because I have had no luck finding an exploded diagram of what parts are supposed to come with an azusa kit I found one tiny image on google, but its blurry and doenst show everything Although I got a book with a list of parts, some of the parts...