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  1. Dragbikemini

    Cat Hustler Sissybar and seat.

    Looking for this setup. Was told to reach out to Cory from Canada about the sissy bar. Not sure if he’s here.
  2. Dragbikemini

    Need cat hustler parts and inputs

    New proud owner of hustler in need of parts. Looking for a tecumseh engine for this. Doesn’t have to be mint or correct but vintage look is a plus. Also coming to terms that I’ll never find correct seat and sissy bar for this and looking for ideals and inputs on alternative. Thanks in advance...
  3. Dragbikemini

    Cat R3508

    It’s a barn/garage/basement find. It’s slightly rusty, dirty and spray bombed. Seems to be mostly complete and original. Missing clutch cover, rear star and rear fender. Seat is not original. 650$ OBO located in Brewster NY. Off I84 on NY/CT border. But good news is I’ll ship on your dime...
  4. Dragbikemini

    Engine ID 2.5 or 3.0?

    Hi bought a untagged engine. It was advertised as a never run NOS 2.5/3.0. At the time I didn’t care but now I’d like to know what I have. What’s the best way to tell the difference? Thanks
  5. Dragbikemini

    Lil Petro

    Looking to sell my Lil Petro. I love the rarity of it but it’s just not for me. I’m not a collector and I don’t have the time or patience for this project. Over all the frame is complete and in good condition and wheels seem to be good condition also. It comes with the correct gear reduction...
  6. Dragbikemini

    Paint for engine?

    Like to know where to get white paint for a vintage 3.5 tech? Thanks
  7. Dragbikemini

    Honda/Clone 1.3 stamped rockers

    These lying around for 20$ PayPal friends/family shipped. What you see is what you get
  8. Dragbikemini

    8” tri star with street tire

    35$ PayPal family plus 10 lbs shipping from 10509. Or large flat rate for those far away. You can text 914-494-1288 for very detailed photos. Axle and spacers are for 5.5 inch spacing I believe. Came off Azusa
  9. Dragbikemini

    F&B Drag Roller

    I'll post up more detailed pics when I get the chance. Frank really nailed it and pics don't do justice on the details. I was looking for a classic look as my dream was to stretch a asuza. I could never find the time and actually was depressed about. Frank was great working with me to get look I...
  10. Dragbikemini

    Hello old friends

    Been awhile from here. Ill drop in with a new project that I may just have time to work on. F&B Drag Roller that ill post up later. Good to be back
  11. Dragbikemini

    Hello it's been awhile

    What's happening everyone! Renewed my supporting membership and thought I'd say hello. My daughter Madison is almost driving but have Frank from F&B from Hesperia CA making her a drag frame for some 100 ft drags this summer. Peace and good will for 2017
  12. Dragbikemini

    Azusa frame and forks

    Frame forks seat and foot pegs. 50$ plus from 10509. PayPal Small cut in seat. Text for more photos. 914-494-1288 Doug
  13. Dragbikemini

    Selling yerf dog#3

    Selling yerf dog #3 I'll try and post up pics later but if interested text me 914-494-1288 for some detailed pics. Rescued this from a friends backyard. Comet drive seems to be intact and original. No engine just a roller that needs tlc. Cross posted here. Thanks OMB...
  14. Dragbikemini

    Hemi predator parts lot.

    Slightly used CL find. Head is not included but almost every thing else is. Don't want it on shelf anymore. 50$ plus shipping from 10509. PayPal and its cross posted here. Shipping would be easier that way. Its off ebay and I'm going to split it up. 20$...
  15. Dragbikemini

    List go kart for sale?

    Where could I list a go kart on here? Tanks
  16. Dragbikemini

    Yerf dog #3

    Saved a yerf dog #3 from friends back yard. Too much to take on right now so which section should I list on here for sale? Thought I would see on here before CL but did post on eslay
  17. Dragbikemini

    3hp Briggs

    Don't have any info on when last ran. Pressure washer engine. 3/4 shaft. Text for more pics 914-494-1288 Doug 50$ plus fedex ground from 10509. Cool carrying handle not included! 1 million$ for that but free shipping. PayPal because that's where hobby money goes to get recycled. Would...
  18. Dragbikemini

    Supporting member subscription. How to?

    I'm drawing a blank on how to reup my supporting member subscription. Help please!
  19. Dragbikemini

    Tecumseh H50's

    Red one ran very recently but I think has blown head gasket. Has 120v starter. It's 3/4 crank but not tapped. Black one not sure when last ran but it has tapped crank. 50$ apiece. . Shipping extra and from 10509. PayPal because we keep the hobby monies separate. Text 914-494-1288 for more...
  20. Dragbikemini

    Tech 5.5 OHV Pull Start

    Looking for pull start and maybe some other items for OHV 5.5 Tech. Perfer cheap as this is a basket case gokart project that might not work out. Have Paypal. Thanks Doug. 914-494-1288 if you like to text.