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  1. Kyminibiker

    Torque converter help. Magnum 44c driver with 30 series kit?

    did you just use the 44 driver but kept the 30 series driven clutch? if thats what you did they are different as the 44 is tapered on both sides of the belt and the 30 series driven is only tapered on one side. not to mention they are different widths.
  2. Kyminibiker

    Arco Question ....
  3. Kyminibiker

    Arco Question ....

    looks exactly like my arco built montgomery ward bike, other then the angle of the handlebars, I think mine go straight up where yours tilt outward.
  4. Kyminibiker

    Removing governor on your engine and omb !!! Please read !!!

    I think you meant to post this on the briggs flathead section ....................................
  5. Kyminibiker

    2020 ??

    I haven't had any time to touch the bikes and motors i bought all summer as I worked on my shop project, so I am chompin at the bit to tinker with them. count me in.
  6. Kyminibiker

    Oscoda Explorer

    Ilived up in the oscoda/e tawas area years and years ago. I assume this bike was made up there someplace? very cool trike man.
  7. Kyminibiker


    I think they did but there was some design changes to the t birds when they became manco built. either version is slick but I think the Bird built ones were a bit better all around. You got a sharp bike. Love to get a set of those spoked wheels for one of my manco t birds.
  8. Kyminibiker


    Thats the bird engineerin built t bird, not the manco. the mancos didn't have the hoop in the back or the angled engine mount. sweet bike though.
  9. Kyminibiker


    doesn't look like you have beefed up the engine mount area at all, with a stock 212 they like to flex and break. whats your secret to makin this one hold up?
  10. Kyminibiker

    Today's impulse buy

    fify lol
  11. Kyminibiker

    Bending/Form Fitting a New Header Pipe.....???

    VERY nice and I love them windsors myself, had a 69 m code bottom end with a set of iron gt 40 heads on it, big comp cams hyd flat, etc etc etc in a early model 70 maverick. total street car, no cage, still had the tiny 4 lug drum brakes in the front, bench seat, column shift, steel wheels, hub...
  12. Kyminibiker

    Bending/Form Fitting a New Header Pipe.....???

    how off is it? , can you simply dimple to clear stuff, or will it need a major re-direct? if you can cut/ re-weld would be best/cleanest route but you'll need some 45's and 90's in the right size (s) for your pipe. Sweet Torino as well, whats in it? I have 5 myself, one I plan to run in the...
  13. Kyminibiker

    Mega Moto suspension forks now available for $80

    they are sold out already. man someone is missin the boat on a suspension front fork for these mini bikes. not sure how long it would take to flood the market or if the buyin frenzy is triggered because everyone knows these things don't last long, but there is a market for it for sure.
  14. Kyminibiker

    Predator Engines

    not a huge problem but you will need some sort of adapter to fit the cent clutch to it. get some pics and measurements and someone here will be able to point you in the right direction. sorry to hear about the eye, seems no matter what you do, stuff always gets in there when workin.
  15. Kyminibiker

    Predator Engines

    make sure that 7.8 hp has a straight shaft and not a tapered.
  16. Kyminibiker

    Mega Moto suspension forks now available for $80

    I got 1, didn't want to be greedy lol will use it on the wifes trainer mm80 muddy girl bike. then when she graduates from that to her baja warrior, im gonna make a mean 212 powered mm80 hehe
  17. Kyminibiker

    New here myself

    and yes it is an addiction, I have 3 manco t birds, 2 baja warriors, 1 motovox mbx 10, 2 mm80's, montgomery ward bike that started this madness all over again, 1 baja dr50 pit bike, little 50cc apc chopper for parts (at least I think so), 1 yerf dog go kart, 3 new predator 212's, 2 briggs v...
  18. Kyminibiker

    Mega Moto suspension forks now available for $80

    if you haven't heard, the forks are in stock at go power sports, had 30 left as of a couple hours ago.
  19. Kyminibiker

    Street Tires

    easy, cost of spring, cost to get person to inventory spring, pull spring off shelf, box up to ship, cost of box, cost of packin materials, cost to print invoice and actual shippin charges.