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    Two speed clutch cover

    I need a two speed clutch cover.I have a good clutch but the teeth on the cover got chewed up.Thank You.
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    Lil Indian steel wheel

    I need one LiL Indian steel wheel or even one side.Thank You.
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    Lil Indian disc brake part

    Looking for the round flat disc that is used in the Lil Indian disc brake. Thank You Jay
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    Oil seal part number

    Hello Does anyone know the part number For the PTO cover Briggs engine model number 80212.This is the original 3hp engine they used in the mid 60’s.This engine has the 4 holes around the crankshaft.They keep sending me the seal for the PTO cover that does not have the holes and tell me the...
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    Help with vintage Briggs 3hp

    Hello everyone Can anyone tell me the best type of hone and grit number to use on a briggs aluminum engine to prepare it for new rings.Also I have heard that you must use chrome rings.i don’t believe this to be true.can anyone answer this question for me. Thank You Jay
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    Lil Indian fender bolt

    Hello everyone Please help. I need one fender bolt 1/4 twenty and 5/8” long.The mark on the head is the most important thing.It has the letter C with a — dash under the C.I can’t get a picture to post on this site but if you think you have one and need a picture I can send to your phone or...
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    Tire protection

    Hello Does anyone know the best trearment to use on old vintage tires to protect then from cracking or any other bad things that could happen To old tires that are on a survivor.The tires that are on this bike are like new and they are the hard to get 10,5/3,5/4 Lil Jndian tires and I would like...
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    Hello and Happy New Yearto all.Would it be OK to replace faded decals on a survivor min bike or is it better to not change anything.Decals would make a big improvement but the bike has not been touched. Thankk You Jay
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    Lucky to be able to ask this question

    Hello I never expected to be able to ask this question.If you were able to find a 1968 Lil Indian model 600 that was only ridden a few times and put in a basement for almost 50 years without being touched (yep without being touched)would it be OK to clean and polish and maybe remove some miner...
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    Lil Indian front fork

    Hello Looking for a mid to late 60’s Lil Indian front fork in nice condition. Thank You Jay
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    Briggs 5hp compression

    Can anyone tell me how much compression a 5hp briggs flat head (1967) should have to be considered good compression.Just purchased a model 130212 that has low hours that runs good and I hope I won’t need to split the case. Thank You Jay
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    Dead man walking

    Hello I have been buying almost one bike a month.If this next deal goes forward I will have one more this week.I promised my wife last month that bike was the last.Can the experts out there please tell me how to hide these bikes from my Wife? This may be my last post. Thank You Mud aka Jay
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    Lil Indian Colors

    Hello Can anyone tell me if the colors for the century series Lil Indian bikes are just red,yellow,and blue?Also what are all of the colors for the grand series bikes? Are there differant colors for each year and model?Hard to figure this out with my limited brochures. Thank You Jay
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    Axeles,spacers, bolts,etc. type plating

    I need a little help once again from our great members.I’m sending out parts for plating but I’m not sure what the original plating is.Going to have plated axels,nuts,spacers,spacer bolts and nuts,etc.for front and rear wheel mounting.Can anyone tell me the original plating for these parts on a...
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    Supporting Member

    Hello I payed with PayPal about a week ago to become a supporting member but the membership has never been recognized by this site.Does anyone know who to contact to correct this problem.
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    Briggs and Stratton engine paint

    Hello What is the best paint to use on a Briggs engine and also what is the name of the color for the original Briggs white? Thank you Jay PS Can’t thank everyone enough for all the help I receive answering my guestions.Because i’ve been away from mini bikes since I was a kid every guestion...
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    Help with Briggs ID

    Hello I purchased a short block in great condition but The seller did not know what horse power the engine is and i’m Not good enough yet to ID the engine by the specs.What I know is the stroke is 2 3/8 and the bore is 2 9/16.Can anyone tell me the hp from these specs? Thank You Jay
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    25 tooth sprag sroket

    Hello Need a 25 tooth Fairbanks Morse sprag sprocket for a Fairbanks Morse mini matic two speed.Will buy or trade for a NOS Fairbanks Morse 30 tooth sprag sprocket If trade item is in very good condition. Thank you Jay
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    1970 tecumseh engine for Lil Indian

    Hello I’ve heard that The 3 hp tecumseh engine for the 1970 Lil Indian had the side exhaust and also that the exhaust is towards the back.Can anyone tell me for sure which one is correct before I purchase the engine.Seems to me is exhaust towards the rear would make more sense. Thank you Jay
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    1970 Lll Indian

    Hello Can anyone tell me the model number and HP used on a original 1970 Lil Indian model 600?I’m sure a Tech. Came off. Thank You Jay