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  1. Kyminibiker

    Any Montgomery wards experts here?

    This is the mini bike that started my mini bike addiction back up, its a montgomery ward and has this model number"AFH61" and serial number "57389 on the aluminum foil decal tag on the neck. It was together minus power when i got it a few months ago but I have taken it apart to start to plan...
  2. Kyminibiker

    Anyone familiar with Tecumseh HH80 engines? opinions?

    I can get a good deal on one that likely just needs a carb rebuild, set of points and may like to use it on a old montgomery wards mini bike i have to keep it more period correct but have plenty of extra punch. Anyone run one of these engines on their toys? anything to check for on them? any...
  3. Kyminibiker

    homemade or factory?

    saw this and thought home made but thought i'd better check with the experts on here as you never know with some of these bikes. even if home made i am half tempted to drive the 1.5 hrs to get it for a off road style bike on the rougher parts of our property not safe for the 4 wheelers.
  4. Kyminibiker

    want to buy this kids electric indian ride on toy

    mainly want it for the fenders, so if you have a broken one you'd part out with good fenders, even better. I'm in se ky but willin to travel a couple hours to find a set. thanks
  5. Kyminibiker

    anyone close to london mills il.........................

    and don't mind doing me a huge favor? I found a parts bike on ebay, but the seller won't take what I want off it and ship to me. even though i'll gladly pay the full askin price. So i'd need someone to pick it up for me, take off what I want and ship it to me on my dime.
  6. Kyminibiker

    a few more too good to be true ebay listins?
  7. Kyminibiker

    Opinions on this hydraulic brake setup please

    How would these fair in your honest opinion vs manual pocket bike disc brakes? seems to be about the same size rotor to most of the pocket bikes. cost is a huge bonus and anything has to be better then a paddle brake only setup...
  8. Kyminibiker

    Need pics of manco thunderbird tank graphics

    need pics of the original decals on a manco thunderbird gas tank, I think there was 2 on the top of the tank but I can't find anything online so far.
  9. Kyminibiker

    Manco Thunderbird project

    I picked this up a month or so ago and took it for one ride, then tore it apart. The previous owners grandfather said he couldn't keep a chain on it. I also noticed a repair to the main frame tube where it meets the cross bar/foot peg bar. I assumed it flexed from the new 212 on it and broke...
  10. Kyminibiker

    has anyone cleared aluminum with success?

    mainly the tav backing plate but maybe other items as well. Last time I tried to clear an intake with some rattle can clear it was 20 years ago and it didn't turn out that hot, but thought maybe things have improved enough to make it worth a second shot.
  11. Kyminibiker

    insane #41 nickel chain deal<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    100 ft of nickel #41 chain for 12.45 + tax.
  12. Kyminibiker

    New here myself

    Just signed up a few minutes ago but have lurked the last few days. Recently bought a old wards mini bike and also a manco thunderbird which i am really in love with. Haven't played with minibikes in over a dozen years but heres some pics of one I built a while ago, pics are after it sat in my...
  13. Kyminibiker

    WTB Manco Thunderbird gas tank

    Like to buy a good tank like the one in this picture (not my bike), also a sqaure number plate or the dimensions of that style plate. thanks