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  1. Clyde

    2011 6.5 HF Clones, "SAFE" RPM range? (there is no safe range other than stock)

    OK. So this site has great mandates (and info) on NOT removing the governors to exceed the factory governed speed of 3600rpm (spec 3600 +/- 150 rpm per manual). The first thing a kid usually hears when even mentioning wanting to own a mini-bike is that it is dangerous and to "forget about it"...
  2. Clyde

    Wiring diagrams?

    Anyone got a wiring diagram source for the 196cc, 6.5 clone engines that come with lighting coils (or charging coils) ???
  3. Clyde

    New guy with Serengeti Motorsports Puma

    Hi all! I have been lurking here a while and thanks to some great information from you folks, I have purchased a new Serengeti Puma from my local Rural King store. Serengeti Motorsports Puma 200 Mini Bike 6.5 HP America's Farm & Home Store I bought it to replace my tired (and tiny) 74'...