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  1. Richard Trotter

    Tote Gote Fest - 2019 September 21, 2019, 9:00am Between Kamas and Park City, Utah 3481 w Hwy 248 84036
  2. Richard Trotter

    Tote Gote Fest 2019 - Utah September 21, 2019, 9:00am Between Kamas and Park City, Utah 3481 w Hwy 248 84036
  3. Richard Trotter

    NEW Honda Monkey Bike monkey Fuel injected 124cc!
  4. Richard Trotter

    JLO powered Tote Gote R750

    This R750 Tote Gote came with the motor plate specifically for the JLO Rockwell motor. The top frame rails were 'bowed' to fit the head of the large motor. We found a 292 JLO (same size as 340 but smaller bore) to fit. we still have lots of work before we can ride it, but at least we got to mock...
  5. Richard Trotter

    Rarest? Wee Willy Scooter

    A few years ago, I can across this Wee Willy Scooter. It had a modern Stihl motor that wasn't correct. It was a collapsible scooter and was supposed to fit in an apple box when broken down. I think they were used in airplanes to ride from the tarmac to the terminal. I searched for information...
  6. Richard Trotter

    Flame throwing Doodlebug
  7. Richard Trotter

    Iron Croos Tote Gote 750 part 2

    Tote Gote 750 project has been on hold, hoping to find better parts. I finally have it to the roller stage. This will be a tribute to the racing Tote gotes used by the 'Timp Trail Riders'.
  8. Richard Trotter

    Tote Gote 'Parade Horse' lore

    In the early 60's, Tote Gote had entries in the local 4th of July parade. They had a self-powered float that acted as a 'mountain'. They drove tote gotes over the mountain as it moved down the parade route. In front of the float, there is a tote gote with a horse head. That tote gote was...
  9. Richard Trotter

    Tote Gote Collegiate on e-bay

    Tote GotE 303 | eBay
  10. Richard Trotter

    1970 Tote Gote Racing

    Tote Gote Race 1970 - YouTube The Timp Trail Riders organized Tote Gote Races all over the west. They also organized the National Trail Scooter Association which sanctioned the races.
  11. Richard Trotter

    1955 Pacer

    When I first saw this, I thought it was a Cushman. It is a 1955 Pacer with a 10hp Kohler electric start.
  12. Richard Trotter

    tote gote in Ill

    Other Makes | eBay nice model 760 in Ill.
  13. Richard Trotter

    Old idea made new again

    diesel cargo bike - YouTube
  14. Richard Trotter

    Sage Riders In Page, AZ

    The Sage Riders club is hosting a race in Page, AZ. There is a class for mini's. Oct 27
  15. Richard Trotter

    750 Tote Gote Tribute

    I'm starting on a 750 Tote Gote that I want to be a tribute to the Racing Tote gotes seen in these early 70's pictures. These gotes had a 12" front wheel instead of the standard 8".
  16. Richard Trotter

    HS40 in Utah

    HS40 probably 1979. Has 1" shaft. Turns freely and feels like it has good compression. Has cam output shaft, too. Missing air cleaner and cover. Don't make me ship it, please. $25 Spanish Fork, Utah
  17. Richard Trotter

    California Scooter Co

    Has anyone checked into the California Scooter Co. I looked at their web site but couldn't find ant pricing.
  18. Richard Trotter

    Cushman at Rat Fink

    This Cushman was displayed at the Rat Fink 10th Annual Reunion. The pin stripping was done by Big Daddy Ed Roth and was on display at the Rat Fink Convention Center in Manti, Utah.
  19. Richard Trotter

    Indian Heads on tote gote

    I've been tearing down the Tote Gote R750 singlejack. When I started cleaning the tires and wheels I discovered they were Carisle indian head tires. I had heard of indian heads on smaller tires but these are 6 X 12. Picture shows 6 X 12 next to regular tote gote 4.80 X 8.
  20. Richard Trotter

    Found: Racing Tote Gote

    In it's last years, Tote Gote made the 750R. It was nicknamed the 'singlejack' because it only had one jackshaft. Most Tote Gotes had two. It was designed for racing but some were sold to the public. The leading link forks were copied from a DKW motorcycle by Stan Nelson (tote gote shop...