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  1. old shed finds

    BearKat engine mount plate rubbers.

    Any of us rebuild the plate rubbers on these bikes? Far as I can tell they are 1" × 3/4 and 3" long rubbers. The plate does not come out of frame. Think I can slide rubbers on one side then cut then reweld other side after mounts installed? fast and not burning too bad.any ideas?
  2. old shed finds

    Bearkat project progress.

    It has been a long road for this bike as its been cold in Salt Lake. She has correct engine and very close to going for a ride. my #1 rule now is a fully functioning kill switch...These tote got related bike will never stop if throttle sticks open they gave the power output to smoke and brake...
  3. old shed finds

    Another clone in different name

    This showed up just another 212 in different paint and sticker. . new in box at price at 232.00.....Ha Ha...
  4. old shed finds

    Happy New Year...

    Happy New Year everyone. . Have fun don't drink and drive.. Bring in the new year the smart way....
  5. old shed finds

    Briggs 6hp head bolt count.

    The famous Richard. .. I might have bought a 6hp Saturday as the engine has 8 head bolts. . The shroud does not match the block its a replaced one... The block is black.. Shroud is dk silver.. Isn't it true 7-8 HP has 10 head bolts... Did I get lucky?
  6. old shed finds

    Anybody else have a obsession with engines?

    Me and son fly to a town. 40 minutes away today for a 7hp Briggs and end up coming home with his back seat of car full of motors! ! I can't say no to anything USA vintage.... Were at 20 maybe 25 engines the 7hp Briggs worked perfect in the BearKat project. .
  7. old shed finds

    Tecumseh experts..should i grab this?

    Today Im going on another engine purchase. . Picking up a Briggs 7hp.. And might make offer on this extremely heavy duty looking Tecumseh. ..notice the aluminum recoil looks like heavy duty engine. .5 to 7 HP?
  8. old shed finds

    Tote Gote BearKat motor plate question.??

    Im hoping somebody will know about this BearKat motor plate,Richard or Davis... What the heck goes in the large circle on all 4 corners and how would we install them? My guess is 4 large rubber mounts? The motor plate does not come out of the bike ? Saturday Im going to grab a older 70s...
  9. old shed finds

    HS40 help....

    In the event of a complete tear down I broke the oil control ring on the HS40 project. . Mostly Marcus. Do you know our part number on standard rings. 1974 HS40...snow blower block..
  10. old shed finds

    ISO briggs 7 or 8 hp

    Complete or parts Wanting to build the engine for the BearKat project... Were wanting to build this bike correct. .. At this point im not fussy 60s to 70s block or parts will be fine. These engines have vanished from my huge town can't find one here.... PM us lets talk...
  11. old shed finds

    30 buck Manco streaker

    Thought I would share my 30 buck Manco. Real piece of poo. Straight frame and surprising the fenders are there. Everything else goes bye bye... This is as found look close at the drive system. ..Ha Ha.... And that engine real peach...
  12. old shed finds

    Wanted Tecumseh HS40 -50 side cover

    Building a HS40 snowblower engine to mini bike application. Getting rid of the goofy cam pulley PTO... Smooth style preferred. 1970s era...
  13. old shed finds

    1970s HS40 crankshaft photo

    So im very surprised or shocked to see this tiny crankshaft in the HS40 project. .It looks like a small tootsie this correct or ??? This small thing is silly....
  14. old shed finds

    Tecumseh cam info question.

    Basically yesterday purchase is the HS40. But has the cam PTO. Ugly. .swapping the cam and side cover is a quick fix for better look. I have a 3hp and a 5hp both 1980s parts blocks. Basically what cam and side cover would be best choice ? I try to act like I know everything but I don't Ha Ha....
  15. old shed finds

    Slant shroud 4hp tomorrow score

    The seller of this snowblower is going to let us pull the engine. Mini bike madness!!! 4hp HS40 will need to tear down and prep for mini bike use.... it does have the gay electric start ...
  16. old shed finds

    Ran and grabbed my 7th updraft 3hp

    Thanks Dave... Now my 7th updraft 3hp. This one is low hours no smoke runner....rare factory yellow. It will power the Blazer...
  17. old shed finds

    Going to burn up some snow then eat turkey.

    Happy thanksgiving. .. Getting the bike out fill the tank of premium gas and me and cousins give it a ride of snow all day. This is that 30 buck swap meet bike and its turned out to be a very fun bike . a 1976 Briggs 3hp updraft powers it. see how she does doing doughnut and snow rides today.
  18. old shed finds

    Anybody know about the Kohler 212?

    Grabbed this tonight with a tote Gote ... Seems identity very same as predator engines. Simpson Kohler 212 3000 series. Is it just a clone or better internal parts...
  19. old shed finds

    Ran and grabbed the Bearkat..

    We showed up to grab it and with our surprise out comes a Kohler 212 and new comet 20 clutch.. He was cleaning his garage out lucky...
  20. old shed finds

    Tote Gote model??

    The owner keeps wanting me to come grab this get it out of his garage... It looks like a Tote Gote but its not Bonham... Huge rear tire fork shocks.212 swap.. Any help before I grab it...