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  1. jdogg

    Happy Birthday Phil1958!!

    Hope you have a super great day Phil!!
  2. jdogg

    Happy Birthday byron ness!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day Byron!!
  3. jdogg

    Happy Birthday byron ness and Phil1958!!!

    :happybday: Hope you guys have a great day!! :thumbsup:
  4. jdogg

    New OMB t-shirts available!

    Love the new design!! Saw them a while back in a thread but never heard if they would be for sale! Ordered me one last night! Click on "size" to pick up to x-large.
  5. jdogg

    A very Happy Birthday to OND!!!!

    Happy Birthday Eric!!!! Thank you so much for everything you do, and thanks for being such a great friend!! Here's to you on your day!!!! Hope it's a good one!!!! :happybday:
  6. jdogg


    I'm in need of someone to make me an M12 X 11'' rear axle bolt for my build off bike. Please PM me if you are willing to do this for me, and we can work out the details and recompense! I have searched high and low and no luck finding one...always just a 1/4'' to 1/2'' too short!! This would save...
  7. jdogg

    Happy Birthday metal man!!

    :happybday: Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Robert!! :happybday:
  8. jdogg

    Super 73

    I really like that it has the styling of an old mini bike!
  9. jdogg

    Happy Birthday TANKSAREUS!!!!

    I know Dan hasn't been on here much lately but I'd like to wish a good buddy well on his B-day whether he sees this or not!!!! Hope all is well with you and your's Dan and that you have a great day!!!! :happybday:
  10. jdogg

    Photos section back up

    I have been checking daily!! :laugh: Looks like its back up!! Thanks Hent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:
  11. jdogg

    Fully adjustable handlebars!! I need a set!!

    These things look awesome!! Motorcycle Handlebar for 7 8" Riser 7 8" 22mm Diameter Free Width Angle Modify | eBay
  12. jdogg

    Happy Birthday james c

    Thanks for all the informative, interesting and great posts on here James!! Hope you have a great day!! :thumbsup:
  13. jdogg

    Dual Westbends!!

    Found this pic in a children's book today at work!! Yes work is important.....but this is dual Westbends!! Probably posted before but if not enjoy!!!! :thumbsup: If not Westbends feel free to elaborate!!!!
  14. jdogg

    This looks like a blast!!

    Action starts at about 7:30 into the video!
  15. jdogg

    OMB Build-off support group!! What now?

    So now what do I do with any free time for the next six months?!! Catch up on all the lost sleep of nights spent awake debating color schemes.....engine and brake choices....shocks or hard tail....tire sizes?? Frame shape?? To chop or not to chop?? And just plain countless hours lost spent...
  16. jdogg

    Craftsman C3 tools blow out at OSH!!

    Was at my local Orchard Supply Hardware today to just get some bolts for my build off bike and ended up buying way too much!! Couldn't pass up the awesome deals!! 5 1/2'' trim saw, reciprocating saw, drill, flashlight, two lithium ion 19.2 batteries and charger NIB for $50...
  17. jdogg

    Happy Birthday Scottessey!!

    WOW that time of year again already?!! :laugh: Thanks to all you do and all your informative and very detailed unbelievable builds you post on here!!!! Thank you Scott and a very Happy Birthday to you!!!! :thumbsup:
  18. jdogg

    Happy Birthday Harleys Papa!!

    A very big Happy Birthday wish to my very good friend Randy!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day Papa!!!! :thumbsup:
  19. jdogg

    Happy Birthday 125ccCrazy!!

    :happybday: Hope you have a great day!! :thumbsup:
  20. jdogg

    My first Two Stroke!!

    Picked this Jacobsen up off a real nice guy from C-list tonight! Said it was on his fathers go kart but the kart was shot and decided to part it out! Said it ran awesome before taking it off.....has great compression....haven't checked spark yet! No re-welds that I could see on case or mounts...