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  1. old shed finds

    what is this?? lol yes i know rough !!

    You're lucky .. Yours is pretty good shape look at my latest project Ha Ha.
  2. old shed finds

    HS 30 40 50.value going to the moon

    I'm sure others are watching the value go up and up on our Tecumseh engines. . Anybody know the reason...demand? 200 to 500 bucks on Ebay act. Yea nice restored ones 5 years ago you could Ebay one for 60 bucks... Glad I grab a trunk full when I can of these...
  3. old shed finds

    Any ideas,, its bad and sad..

    Sold this as a project and 2 months later got it back.. Came back in same condition as when it left... It needs everything but its a mini mini.. Very small one.. Worth saving ? Any idea of make and model would help.
  4. old shed finds

    Todays score filled Moms trunk..

    My favorite part was those Manco wheels looking at me... And everybody loves the HS Tecumseh motors..
  5. old shed finds

    BearKat what the Kat of my street today....

    I guess we can text by phone Ha Ha or drive to eachothers house Ha.... . This weekend take a look at it..
  6. old shed finds

    BearKat what the Kat of my street today....

    Price seems right ... I do want a big boy pay for what you get bike looks nice....and your stuff is quality ..
  7. old shed finds

    Todays score filled Moms trunk..

    Today grabbed this trunk full. 2 Tecumseh engines HS35 and possibly a HS40.... Set of 6" Mango wheels. Small frame mini bike... All for 25 bucks... Was good day.
  8. old shed finds

    BearKat what the Kat of my street today....

    Well Davis lets talk..I do want a twister too.... Text..
  9. old shed finds

    BearKat what the Kat of my street today....

    Today kill switch and throttle hooked up and today it flew up and down my street.... Or should say crawled up and down my street.Its extremely low geared. With its belt transmission in high range and the 6hp Briggs singing its approximately 15 mph maybe 20..... But with its BB Briggs it will...
  10. old shed finds

    Anyone have literature on the Pathfinder inline 3 wheel mini?

    Richard is the top man... It was beyond me.Ha Ha....
  11. old shed finds

    BearKat engine mount plate rubbers.

    Yea its got my gote !! Too...Ha Ha.....
  12. old shed finds

    BearKat engine mount plate rubbers.

    Any of us rebuild the plate rubbers on these bikes? Far as I can tell they are 1" × 3/4 and 3" long rubbers. The plate does not come out of frame. Think I can slide rubbers on one side then cut then reweld other side after mounts installed? fast and not burning too bad.any ideas?
  13. old shed finds

    Tote Gotes

    The 1979s are a very lovable bikes we have a very clean is bulletproof ride a 130 lbs rider run without a problem all day..
  14. old shed finds

    WANTED: H25 crankshaft, straight shaft, for use with points

    This all might be cheaper for you to look at your classified adds... This engine was used on lots of older lawn edgers...
  15. old shed finds

    Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men...

    Sorry about the hard starting but this story sounds really neat.. I would have loved to be there riding too other than the goo goo mud.... But I would be more that curious to see how my BearKat would eat the mud...
  16. old shed finds

    Something’s wrong with my bike:/

    You're idle is set way too high its engaged the clutch. You need to lube the throttle cable or go to the carburetor and see what's holding it up off idle..
  17. old shed finds

    Show off your advertizing pieces...

    T&J Karts of Salt lake, ,, 3 years ago myself and son ran a Mini Bike Go Kart mobile shop out of the Mobile Workshop..we had approximate 10 customers. .. You know install chains.install a clutch get them running ..It was fun and make a few bucks..... Here is our Briggs advertising on the right...
  18. old shed finds

    Bearkat project progress.

    Here is right side photo I have a 1970s Holley sticker on its 6hp shroud..It looks kinda fun.? I am very worried now about buying anything off Ebay now I don't want to spend 14.95 for a decal and not receive it.I am now 2 weeks waiting for my Impala center cap seller said wrong apartment...
  19. old shed finds

    Hs50 build?

  20. old shed finds

    Bearkat project progress.

    It has been a long road for this bike as its been cold in Salt Lake. She has correct engine and very close to going for a ride. my #1 rule now is a fully functioning kill switch...These tote got related bike will never stop if throttle sticks open they gave the power output to smoke and brake...