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    Would Anyone Be Interested In Coming To a MiniBike Show in Canada ?!

    mapquest shows 8hrs.. :/ hmm.. a little far.. but it would be worth it.
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    Would Anyone Be Interested In Coming To a MiniBike Show in Canada ?!

    how far is windber from toronto ? i'm an hour north of toronto. in Barrie.
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    Would Anyone Be Interested In Coming To a MiniBike Show in Canada ?!

    yeahh, that sucks now that you have to have a passport to cross the border :/ where is the nearest mini bike swap meet to canada across the border ?
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    Would Anyone Be Interested In Coming To a MiniBike Show in Canada ?!

    thinking of maybe starting a mini bike show/swap meet in canada ? around the barrie area, 1 hour away from toronto. one weekend in may ? or..? just wondering if anyone would be interested ? :scooter:
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    Comment by 'Bradzor' in media 'Have minibikes, will travel'

    that is sweet! hoping to pick one of these up some day to custom it :)
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    Comment by 'Bradzor' in media 'arctic cat whisker'

    i have the same bike, looks in great shape ! just like yours.
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    Wanted ct70 parts

    Wanted Honda CT70 Speedometre and headlight, the one that is together for the 1971' model, would be interestd in just the speedo because you can get the bucket and light on the NOS parts site.. also looking for a tail light, Luggage rack, Turn signals, and the chrome handle thats at the side...
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    1971 Honda CT-70

    hey guys, sold all my other mini's.. but then came across this one.. paid $200 :thefinger: for it.. the guy paid $600 for it and was going to restore it, but never got to it. so he just wanted it gone. is all there except the tail light, head light, and speedometre. also the kick start lever is...
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    Wanted Moto-skeeter Mini Bikes

    :scooter: Wanted moto-skeeter mini bikes, parts or complete bikes, multiple bikes to make one good one ? let me know what you have and how much. thanks. Also interested in an x-90, project rupp, or project coleman. email me or reply here;
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    Old School Minibike Show

    is there going to be an 09' show ? and where exactly is this show ??
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    Comment by 'Bradzor' in media 'unknown mini bike'

    i think it's a grand prix.. look on, i'm pretty sure its a grandprix.
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    1969 Rupp Roadster

    This is what it looks like now.. :smile: need to get tires... anyone know where i can get them .. ? :confused::doah: have a 5hp engine i will put on as soon as i get tires :weld:
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    1971 Moto-Skeeter Mini Bike Very Rare!

    1971 Moto-Skeeter Mini bike, all original, good restoration project, or ride it the way it is. VERY rare bike, only made 2 years, everything is there, even all original stickers. it is the 350 model, and is 2 stroke. all wiring there, just needs to be hooked up for the lights, all chain guards...
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    1969 Rupp Roadster

    lmao, we are extending the forks another 12 inches, to make it a chopper. :thefinger::thumbsup::smile:
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    Bird Duck ?

    lol, yeah it's not my bike, i am thinking of buying it though.
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    Bird Duck ?

    ohh, thats what it is thank you ! how much are these bikes worth ?
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    Bird Duck ?

    hey guys, i was wondering, did bird ducks ever come with front shocks, as appeared in this pic ?
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    69 roadster 4 sale

    how much ? :hammer:
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    Any Info ? How much is it worth ?

    yeah, this one everything is there, so i might restore it.
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    1969 Rupp Roadster

    yeah, the frame is still good though, aha, those are original rims but the guy painted them red, i think the handle bars, and shocks, i could easily get $20 out of.:hammer: