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  1. Biffmini

    NOS gas tank

    Never used NOS tank 7 1/2" long - 3 1/4" tall. 1/8" npt outlet. $67.00 shipped from Columbus, Ohio.
  2. Biffmini

    Cat 99 TC advice needed

    I'm going to clean up the old Comet Cat 99. I picked up a belt a while back, I've been looking for the bronze idler bushing & not finding Cat 99 specsific parts. Also thinking about the buttons & spring. Have the parts been discontinued for to long to find? The bronze bushing I have looks a...
  3. Biffmini


    Picked this up last week, swapped out side cover and crank. The horseman head was a bonus! I probably should brake it in with stock head, what do you guy's think? Also thinking about losing the points and getting rod, 16# springs, a little advance. After doing search for springs, several sources...
  4. Biffmini

    Picked up new grips

    I've been wanting some nice white grips for some time. OND's Build Off bike reminded me, Thought I'd share the source. I picked up 1" Grips 7/8" are also available
  5. Biffmini

    Must Have Shop Chart!

  6. Biffmini

    I rebuilt carbs & didn't ask questions first

    I have two identical H50 carbs I rebuilt a few years ago when I was just getting into the hobby I recently installed one on one of identical H50's 67038A 33480 Problem I'm having engine wont idle but will run with throttle wide open... So I'm assuming Stuck ball Ck. ( no rattle! ) Both carbs I...
  7. Biffmini

    What year & how to fig Craftsman/Tec.

    I have a Craftsman engine 143-694012 SER 9124A thats converts to Tecumseh H35 MOD 45528 I'd like to know how to tell what year it is.
  8. Biffmini

    Rupp spedos
  9. Biffmini

    A better flanged Bronze sleeve bearing I thought I'd share... I picked up part # 2938T45, very nice tighter & longer than standred
  10. Biffmini

    WTB Trail Horse kick stand spring.

    Im in need of a good condition original Trail Horse kick stand spring. Its the last part I need for a resorration. :helpsmilie:
  11. Biffmini

    Speedway sprocket question

    Anyone know if Rupp sprocket 72, 75 roadster/ Enduro will fit speedway hub. It looks close...
  12. Biffmini

    Bearcat twister
  13. Biffmini

    HS50 help wanted

    I'm wanting to build up a HS50 & have a new short block ( SCH 313C / SER 1074F ) that I think would be a good block for the build. I'm going to need a donor engine, but I'm not sure what engine to look for. I looking for external ignition & cast flywheel mod. Should I be looking for a...
  14. Biffmini

    Tecumseh Hot Coil

    I'm trying to round up parts for a future build. Needing a Tec ignition coil part # 36605K used on Motorsports & Star engines
  15. Biffmini

    H50 carb ?

    I picked up a replacement carb. Its not the same, my question is will it work correctly.
  16. Biffmini

    Rare Exhaust???

  17. Biffmini

    Recent find story

    I posted in wanted for white Tec tank. Got a pm thanks Owend, for offering to help. So I hit Craig's list in search of snow blowers as recommended, searched the listings & found one with a nice white tank that didn't have rust & gas stains. Picked it up for 40.00 Non running ad.1969 3.5 side...
  18. Biffmini

    Wanted Tec HS50 White gas tank

    In search of white tank for restoration project, need a nice one!!! I know good luck. Smooth center fill is what I'm after. Any leads are good too.:helpsmilie:
  19. Biffmini

    Tri rod looks nice!
  20. Biffmini

    Speedway frame