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  1. sonerenos

    1956 Mustang Pony

    I had these two George Barris Mini Draggers sitting around in my garage waiting to do something with them for YEARS, when I got a photo text message of a Mustang Pony motorcycle or scooter (whichever you prefer) about a year ago. The gentleman that sent me the photo of the Mustang knew I was...
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    meyers lynx cub
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    Vintage 1970 Taco 100

    First time entering in the build off, long time follower. I decided to enter my 1970 Taco 100 I purchased from @RideSF a few years back. Background on how I got this bike goes as so... I was in Oregon working for my father helping him build his tree house for a few weeks. Not much to do around...
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    reproduction BONANZA engine plate badge (blank serial number) black and silver as original. identical dimensions as original, mounting holes for easy installation with rivets to be a purist, or peel and stick as this is a DECAL. $50.00 shipped USPS mail PayPal friendly, ships MON-FRI only 4...
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    trail horse chopper frame
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    mustang trail machine
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    western flyer
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    steens matterhorn with hodaka
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    selling out of my collection of scrap metal. i have a couple choppers and some tacos available. possibly a meyers lynx and a bonanza MX. here is a list of what i have for sale, PM for my number or email info to send photos (uploading is a pain). i also have some motors and tons of parts...
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    I believe this to be a 1963 fox go boy kart, but i could be wrong seems to be all original less the briggs. it is missing the gas tank, and the seat pad. will ship on your dime, on a pallet which means the kart will still be assembled upon arrival. $700.00 plus the ride. paypal friends and...
  13. sonerenos

    series 2 frijole roller

    1969-1970 series 2 steens frijole mini bike. kinda cool military green, surplus style bike. im unsure of the wheels, but the rear has a drum brake incorporated into it and works fine. frame has no cracks or rewelds, but does have minor reinforcement brackets in the rear along with the...
  14. sonerenos

    1966 TACO 22/BURRITO

    Here i have a 1966 taco 22/burrito for sale it is missing one of the scrub brake tabs, which will be included but you will need to weld it on. it also has a small tube welded on to the from upright tubes of the frame. the serial number reads 6P006 (1966, 6th bike off the line) shipping will...
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    ARCO GAS TANK, NOT MINE was listed as a honda tank
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    super trail taco

    for sale is a super trail taco. predator 212cc reliable build with: 18lb springs and SS valves. intake and carburetor header billet flywheel 8" Azusa spinner wheels and Azusa sprocket knobby tires hydraulic disc brake new front end springs inside the forks. $900.00 plus freight. best...
  17. sonerenos

    Taco Minibike shocks Thank You, -Justin.
  18. sonerenos

    WTB Taco or Steen anything

    Im after original taco parts. Reproduction would be okay i guess, but I’m after original mainly. Briggs 3-5hp engines dating from 65-73 80202 or 5 port west bend or ah47/58 engines. Double Indian head tires in new or old condition, taco wheels or 6” original tri-star wheels. Sprockets and drum...
  19. sonerenos

    Mini mate and American eagle decals

    I am after a couple decals. If anyone is capable of reproducing a good quality decal for my restorations I'd be stoked. I included a couple photos of the decals that I am looking for. I will include measurements as well. Thank You, -Justin.
  20. sonerenos

    Identifying a mini bike

    I'm on the hunt for any and all information possible for the mini bikes I own. I know limited details. I have serial numbers, plenty of photos and can answer anything you need to help figure out what these are. Please help. Thank you. -Justin