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  1. gwoods27

    What Briggs 5hp dual bearing ques

    What Briggs 5hp models (besides the raptor) had dual crank bearings?
  2. gwoods27

    Briggs 5hp Crank Bearing Question this block worth using? If not is there any way to resurface the bearing? The Crank I'll be using is is good shape...just wondering if this will damage it?
  3. gwoods27

    Valve Guide Question

    Is it common for the briggs exhaust valves guides to ware out before the intake. Ive got Late 2 late 70's early 80's 5hp blocks that have exhaust valves with a little too much play from side to side. Is there a way to measure how much is too much play?
  4. gwoods27

    5hp Threaded Crank question

    Any advice on converting a threaded/no center tap (roller bearing) crank on a 75' 5hp Briggs 130232-09596 to a slotted one with center tap? Is it worth converting. Or should I just find a slotted / center tapped replacement crank...and if so...what model# would work?
  5. gwoods27

    Valve Spring question

    Ive got a 5hp 1975 130232-0596 Motor im getting back into shape. I removed the valves and noticed the Exhaust valve was significantly larger than the Intake...Is this right?
  6. gwoods27

    TrailHorse Full Suspension Frame Roller or Front forks with suspension

    Looking for a Full Suspension TrailHorse Roller or even a set of front forks with suspension. Please contact me.
  7. gwoods27

    Manco Trailcat Front Fender

    Looking for a Manco Trailcat Chrome Front Fender. Its the last Piece that I'm missing....:scooter: ...well and the front Decal
  8. gwoods27

    Lighted 5hp Briggs and Stratton

    Were there ever any lighted 70’s era Briggs and Stratton motors?
  9. gwoods27

    WTB Trail Horse full suspension frame

    Looking for a Trail Horse full suspension roller or full minibike.
  10. gwoods27

    WTB - Manco TrailCat Front Fender and front fork plate decal

    Looking for a Front Fender for a (78' I think) Manco TrailCat. Ive got the Chrome Rear one. Also any Decals (Front Fork Plate, Fenders, etc...)
  11. gwoods27

    Name that minibike!

    Anybody able to identify the year of this manco Trail cat.
  12. gwoods27

    What is this part?

    This was on a Tecumseh lighted hs50 I got a while back that also had the 45degree intake and ball berring out put shaft.
  13. gwoods27

    What is it??

  14. gwoods27

    Wanted - Bronco TX-3 Rear Fender and Seat

    Looking for a Bronco TX-3 Rear Fender and rear support if possible. Also a Seat.
  15. gwoods27

    Help!!! 86’ Briggs 3hp question.

    Well...a couple questions. I’ve got a 86’ 080202-1830-01 3hp Briggs that runs great but has a 1 1/4” output shaft. Is there a replacement crank I can put in it with a longer shaft (that I can put a clutch on). Also did Briggs ever make a crankcase cover that has the 4 bolt holes (to mount a...
  16. gwoods27

    Wanted: Trail Horse Full Suspension frame

    Looking to buy a Trail Horse Full Suspension roller.
  17. gwoods27

    Wanted: Trail Horse Forks

    Looking for Trail Horse Forks with Fender Brackets. Prefer the ones with suspension but will take non-suspended. Ive got a GTO 100 that has the straight handlebars and no fender brackets. Dont have the tools to weld on fender brackets plus I like the Forks that have the handlebars bent...
  18. gwoods27

    Rear Drum Brake Question

    The Drum brake that came with my minibike does not grab very well at all going forward...I mean I really have to pull hard and even then it comes to a slooooow stop. Just doesnt grab well....but going backwards it grabs like a son of a with hardly any pulling effort. Could the Pads...
  19. gwoods27

    Wanted - Trail Horse Full Suspension Frame

    Still looking for a decent Trail Horse Full Suspension roller
  20. gwoods27

    Wanted Trailhorse frame

    Looking for a trail horse full suspension frame