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    7.8 Generac engine

    I have a 7.8 Generac engine for sale if someone wants it. I'll be willing to make a small pallet and attach it for shipping purposes if anyone's interested in it. It will need a gas tank and an oil pressure switch. The OPS looks like one of the screw in types from a small block Chevy. I removed...
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    Tire Question

    Since putting the new tires on my Doodle Bug, the rear tire keeps going flat on me. I can't figure out why, so am thinking about putting some tire sealant in it. Question is do you guys recommend using tire sealant on a mini bike? Valve stem is tight, nothing in the tire and the beads LOOK good...
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    Throttle Problem

    Well Guys, I gotta tell one on myself. I got my gas tank put on the back of the Doodle Bug and got the chain cut and put on. It was getting dark and I wanted to try this thing out. I rolled it out into the side yard and gave it a pull and that sum beech hit and jumped up on the back wheel so...
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    #35 Master Link

    I need a master link for my chain. #35 chain. NOBODY in this county seems to have one and the ones I ordered off Amazon won't be here until the end of the month or by November 14th! So, if any of you guys have a couple of spare master links and are willing to send them to me, I'll be happy to...
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    Chain Length

    All right, guys, let me get a couple of things straightened out here and ask a couple of questions. The Generac 7.8 hp engine has a 3/4" shaft but is NOT tapered. It's approximately 2&1/4" long and has a slight flare where it goes into the engine. I'm guessing that I can use a stock 3/4" clutch...
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    Predator Engines

    Hey Guys, Harbor Freight has the Predator 6.5 engines on sale now for under a $100. I'm going to get one. Do I need a larger clutch and some kind of adapter plate to make this thing work on my Doodle Bug? Also, will I need a new chain? Thanks
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    Street Tires

    Anyone here know where I can get some street tires for my Doodle Bug? I don't like the worn out knobby tires on it and will only be riding it on the street. The tire size is 145/70-6. Thanks
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    Monster Scooter Parts

    Have any of you guys ever purchased anything from the above mentioned vendor? I'm looking at a few things there and was just wondering about the quality of their parts and if they are good people to deal with. Any input is appreciated. I'm looking at tires and springs right now. Harbor Freight...
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    Anyone Like Music

    Hey Guys, If you like music, check out this song my wife and I wrote. She was in a coma for 5 days and when she came out, she wanted to write a song about what she'd seen. I helped her with it. She and our son are singing on it and our son arranged the music for it. They sang it at our church...
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    Going Waaaayyyyy Off Topic

    Hey guys, same neighbor I got the Doodle Bug from also gave me a Generac pressure washer that I need a gas tank for. Any chance that one of you might have a tank for a Generac 2700 pressure washer? The OEM # on it is 94994. The other two numbers that will work are 94994A and 94994GS. I've...
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    Governor and throttle adjustment

    Hey Guys, I was given a Doodle Bug DB30 Baja 97cc engine mini-bike the other day. I have cleaned it up (somewhat) as it had dirt dauber nests all over and in it. I cleaned the carburetor but couldn't get it to run. So, I ordered a new carb along with the throttle and cable off Amazon. Carburetor...
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    Hey Guys, newbie here. I was recently given a Doodle Bug DB30 mini bike with the 97 cc engine. I need a little help with it.