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  1. Phil1958

    Magic Bus

  2. Phil1958

    Go Power and Kidney Bean Sprockets, PVL Flywheels

    I keep on finding more stuff in my sheds. What we have here is a brand new 60 tooth #35 sprocket for go power rims. Next up is a brand new 45 tooth #40/41 sprocket for kidney bean rims. Lastly is are two PVL flywheels for a GX200/Clone. It says its good up to 17,000 rpm o_O Sprockets are...
  3. Phil1958

    More Bonanza Spring/Summer Cleaning #2

    here is the rest of the goodies. pm me if interested. kidney bean wide side good, narrow side DOA! $45 kidney bean with usable tire. $60 forks with some repairs $50 more forks $50 really beat up forks with super nice slightly dinged badge $50, badge by itself $48, cut off handle...
  4. Phil1958

    More Bonanza Spring/Summer Cleaning #1

    We finally got around to cleaning out one of my sheds and found all this stuff. pm me if interested. shipping not included in prices shown. go power 50? tooth sprocket in serviceable shape $50 brake assembly $50 wide side kidney bean $50 kidney bean with mud/snow tire, tire is in...
  5. Phil1958

    Bonanza Brakes Pieces and Parts

    Got almost a complete brake here, both shoes are missing the pads , one pad is included but not glued. the smaller parts have some light surface rust, nothing a wire wheel wouldn't fix. the hub is pretty clean but needs a brush-up too. The cam is good too. I do not have the lever or lever...
  6. Phil1958

    Bonanza Suspension and Kidney Bean

    What I have here is a set of Bonanza BC lowers and a set of what I believe are an original but well worn and crusty set of rear "Shocks". The forks have springs and the bolt plugs that fasten the springs to the uppers. $80 plus shipping for the lowers and $50 plus shipping for the shocks. The...
  7. Phil1958

    New Shop Tool: Covel Surface Grinder

    This little beauty will arrive thursday or friday. it's a covel model 15 surface grinder. when i found this thing mariah advised against it. on her advice i passed on it. the owner later contacted me and for the cost of shipping it's mine. by its' serial number and from chatter on practical...
  8. Phil1958

    Bonanza Clutch Chain Cover

    i believe evil ed made this one. it was on a bike that got a torque converter. a little bit of rust or plating fluid issues around where the round piece attached to the chain cover section. first $150 plus shipping gets this little beauty!!! paypal, cash, visa/mc
  9. Phil1958

    Bonanza Badge

    $40 gets this mailed to you in a bubble pack envelop anywhere in the conus. paypal, cash, checks, visa/mastercard. cool! :cool:
  10. Phil1958

    Winber 2019

    who's going?????
  11. Phil1958

    Bonanza MX

    I hate to part with this but it is not going to get done any time soon so hopefully someone will grab this and make it right again. This frame was purchased from Markus in perfect shape. i gave it to a relative who did nothing with it but let it sit, the shocks, handlebars, and handlebar blocks...
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    near me....
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    this is near me
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    sperry tricub near me
  15. Phil1958

    new tools and materials

    a new project 'forced' me to get some new tooling. This piece of 4140 1/2" diameter annealed round bar will be used to make a boring bar. first the machining, then heat treating, and finally a clean up. This piece of 1018 1-1/2" hot rolled bar stock will be used for a v block. This 1/2"...
  16. Phil1958

    Cool Ride
  17. Phil1958


    I ran across this document after a buddy asked me about making him sprockets for a pig roasting size BBQ rotisserie he is building. sounded like a simple job with payment being made in bbq pork!!!! this is quite the complex job...
  18. Phil1958

    Home Made Minibike

    saw this little beauty at the annual alexandria bay village yard sale. $350 cash on the barrel! the 12 year old girl wouldn't budge a penny on this awesome piece of hardware :thumbsup:
  19. Phil1958

    HF Hoist

    i have one of these: used once to pick and place my mill. i paid $190. first $125 takes it away. pick up only! :grind:
  20. Phil1958

    live axle advice

    i have that trike chassis waiting for me to do something with. i recently came upon a 6 foot piece of 1-1/2" 4142 decarb round stock. with my 8" southbend and steady rest i could probably turn a 48" piece. a live axle sounds cool. will a trike behave ok with a solid rear axle or just be a...