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  1. ashbyota

    Kawasaki Jalopy/RatRod!!!

    Here's my Kawasaki Coyote I've been working on for awhile now, and when I started I wasn't sure how it would turn out, so I never started a project log. It's not done, but I'm pretty proud of how it's turning out!!! :cool: A couple of before pics. And a couple of somewhat current pics...
  2. ashbyota

    Stock Predator 212 Muffler.

    Does anyone have one they can part with,(stock muffler) to help a cool guy out that I sold my stretched Doodlebug to? His neighbors are complaining now so I'd like to help him quiet it down a bit. THX---Steven!!! That's the exhaust I made that's too loud!!! I told him about the site...
  3. ashbyota

    What is this???

    I bought a '69 Taco 99 today, and this was included. I've searched, but come up with nothing. It's been rewelded at the neck, and looks like it uses 1/2" axles. Any Ideas?
  4. ashbyota

    Kawasaki Coyote rear wheel.

    It's kinda toasty but I won't be using it on my Coyote "restomod". The wheels are toast but you can have them if you want. Sprocket/drum is worn but still usable, I'm not too sure how much the drum is worn, as I don't have anything to compare it to. the shoes still have some material on them ...
  5. ashbyota

    Lil Indian Cobra?

    I got this Lil Indian off CL awhile back, posted for 16 minutes!!! Lucky me!!! The previous owner stripped it down to bare metal, and was gonna paint it and put a different rear wheel on with a brake, but never got around to it. It's missing some parts, the seat and rear fender bracket were cut...
  6. ashbyota

    Taco Super Trail 100!!!

    Here's a few before pics.
  7. ashbyota

    Scrapyard find. What is it???

    I thought it might be homemade until I saw it in person, and the welds seem "professional". It looks like a little bit of alot of bikes but I can't figure it out. Any Ideas???
  8. ashbyota

    Bought a Bonanza MX last week.

    Well most of one. I got it from the same guy I bought my Taco Super Trail 100 from awhile back, got a briggs 5hp too. Engine plate is butchered, and the foot pegs have been moved, and some extra tabs on the swingarm, but I can work with it!!! I wasn't looking for another project, but I...
  9. ashbyota

    Gemini SST 50 Parts.

    These are some parts that are left from some parts bikes I bought, I'm hoping someone can use this stuff, cause I need some mini bike money!!! Bars, grips, controls, cables, carb, top fork clamp w/ knobs, switch, coil, & horn. Handlebars aren't bent or dented that I can see, chrome is...
  10. ashbyota

    What is it???

    Just got this one from CL, I can't figure out what it is, but I like it! The price was right too! Any help is appreciated! THX! P.S. there was a tag riveted to the other side, but it's been ripped off.
  11. ashbyota

    Fat tire rusty junk???

    It's for sale on CL in Phoenix/Tempe, AZ. The ad doesn't say much about it, only that it ran a few years back, make offer. I could use a two seater to give my nieces & nephews rides, could probably fit one in the basket too! I'm waiting for a call back to get some more info. What is it?
  12. ashbyota

    I was told it is a Taco, but???

    The guy I bought it from said it's a Taco, but I haven't seen any Tacos' that look anything like it. It came with a 3hp flathead Briggs, shroud says it was made in 1980, also has two different types of 5 point star/astro 6" wheels. Just like my other bike I don't care what it is, just curios to...
  13. ashbyota

    I was told it's a RUPP. But???

    This is my first post and I have to say Nice Site! You guys seem to really know your stuff! The guy I bought it from said it's a Rupp, I really don't care what it is, just curious to see what it looked like originally. THX!