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  1. Harquebus

    Unknown Make & Model

    It looks domestic and that's all I can say. Thanks.
  2. Harquebus

    Arnold Hot Dog Muffler Sucks!

    Within 5 minutes of running the engine, the lovely zinc plating started peeling off. :( I had rebuilt an old Craftsman tiller with a 5 horse Briggs and added an Arnold® M-110 "sausage"/"hot dog" muffler along with a 45° pipe elbow. It discolored a bit (as expected) but started flaking in the...
  3. Harquebus

    Chinese Pulsa-Jet Carburetor

    I picked up one these just yesterday but prior to, didn't find any reviews pro or con. Anyone tried one of these carbs? I would have preferred genuine OEM but figure a trial run with this knock off will probably be worth it. Came with 'free gaskets' and a strangle little rubber plug. It is...
  4. Harquebus

    What's This Thing Worth? - Heathkit Deluxe Color TV unbuilt

    I am trying to help liquidate an unbuilt Heathkit Deluxe Solid-State Color TV. It has the big heavy CRT, the 'bezel' or trim plate for it and a suitable wood cabinet to place it in as a bonus extra (I think it used to be a Sylvania) along with all the rest of the virgin internals, circuit...
  5. Harquebus

    Size of Bolts on 5 HP Side Cover?

    Does anyone know what the thread pitch is on the Briggs 5 HP PTO sidecover where you'd mount the Torq-A-Verter? Four bolt holes, tapped and threaded. I have no idea what size bolt goes there. Thanks.
  6. Harquebus

    Baja MB200/ MB165/Warrior Fenders

    Need a set of fenders, front and rear for this thing that followed me home.
  7. Harquebus

    Repairing Fuel Pick-Up Tubes

    Briggs 4 HP 100232 series with Pulsa-jet adjustable carburetor with slide choke, part #297599. Trying to get the fuel pick up tubes sorted. The shorter plastic one has broken off where it screws into the bottom of the carb. I'm not too worried about it as I will eventually drive out the stub...
  8. Harquebus

    Two Wires off the Magnetron...

    I've got an old but not ancient Briggs 5hp, 130212 series manufactured in 1991. Most of the parts are intuitively reassembled after disassembly but I forgot the orientation of these two wires... Seems most breakdowns show only one wire. :confused: One has a ring terminal on the end and the...
  9. Harquebus

    Not New to Briggs and Tecumseh

    I'm new to the forum but not new to small engines and the typical uses young boys put them to. :wink: I mainly had an assortment of go-carts growing up and they were all powered by either a Briggs & Stratton or the lesser known (to me) Tecumseh engines of varying horsepower ratings. It seems...