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  1. Bonanza Bryan

    Help With Go Kart ID

    Just picked this up and having a hard time figuring out what exactly it is. I know it’s got some extra junk welded on it but looks old and defiantly isnt homemade. Any help?
  2. Bonanza Bryan

    5mm Stem SS Valves Now Available

    Saw a post on Facebook tonight and these parts are now available. Very excited to order some up I have a predator non hemi head I’m going to build with these new 5mm stem stainless steel valves. Not sure what block it’s going on yet probably a 196 clone but I have really been wanting to build a...
  3. Bonanza Bryan

    Bonanza MX Gas Tanks

    Just showing off. 2 originals and one from Evil Ed. Not for sale I have projects these are all going on
  4. Bonanza Bryan

    I Bought A Coleman...

    I’ve been looking at these for the last year or two and a Walmart in the area finally had one in stock so I went and bought it. It’ll get a few upgrades and mostly be a fun rider that I can take camping
  5. Bonanza Bryan

    The Ultimate Off Road Bonanza Build Returns

    Well I am getting started on this build again. For those that didn’t see this from the beginning I started with a bare bonanza frame and fabricated pretty much everything else. Here are some pics from the original build I built a pretty sufficient engine and went and raced the Gambler 500...
  6. Bonanza Bryan

    Big 32/28mm Valve Head

    What’s everyone think about these heads this guys putting out? Overkill for a modified predator or similar engine? At what point are valves this size really needed?
  7. Bonanza Bryan

    Bonanza MX Gas Tank

    Looking for a mx tank original or reproduction doesn’t matter. Thanks
  8. Bonanza Bryan

    Bonanza Chopper Resto-Mod

    Alright here it goes just picked this thing up last week it’s a good candidate for a resto-mod. Plans are a somewhat built HS-40 and a mostly stock and original frame. I tore down the frame today and got everything into pieces. The wheels were a typical pain all the bolts broke so I had to drill...
  9. Bonanza Bryan

    RFY Shocks

    Only used these for mock-up and they were just too long for me. These are a little stiff so they will have to be setup right to work well o believe I paid $75 for these I’ll do $60 shipped
  10. Bonanza Bryan


    Looking for a hs40 in decent condition would settle for just a good complete block don’t necessarily need the exhaust and carb setup let me know what you have. Thanks
  11. Bonanza Bryan

    My Latest Bonanza Score

    A good start for my next resto should be a fun project mostly there. Looking for a HS40
  12. Bonanza Bryan

    Gambler 500 Mini Bike Enduro Race

    Wow what a race in Central Oregon. Around 200 teams competed in a 100 mile mini bike endurance race. My bike held together very well with zero issues and my team managed to take second overall what a crazy day
  13. Bonanza Bryan

    Predator Sparkplugs And Milled Heads

    What are you guys doing with the spark plug on milled heads. My head is milled .050 and I noticed that the spark plug sits below the head surface. I have .035 piston to head clearance will I be fine or do I need a shorter plug or some kind of shim?
  14. Bonanza Bryan

    Bonanza Chain Guard

    Looking for a BC chainguard. A fiberglass re pop would be ideal but interested in anything. Thanks
  15. Bonanza Bryan

    Predator Head Work

    Hey guys dropping my non Hemi head off tomorrow to get milled and reamed out for 5.5mm valves. I’m looking for suggestions on how much to mill off the head. Dyno Cam CM grind and 1.1 rockers. Thinking .030-.050 but not really experienced with doing this and would appreciate some more advise thanks!
  16. Bonanza Bryan

    The Ultimate Off-Road Bonanza Gambler 100 Project

    Well Ive had a few posts giving a few sneak peeks of this build and I guess it’s time for a thread dedicated to the build. I am building this bike for the Gambler 100 mini bike race. It is a 100 mile enduro race in central Oregon this May. Now the bike started life as a solid rear suspension...
  17. Bonanza Bryan

    Bonanza Extended Swing Arm

    Well I just about have the swing arm finished for my ultimate off-road bonanza. Just need to fab the rear shock mounts but this frame is getting close to being done and ready for the engine
  18. Bonanza Bryan

    Valve Seals

    Hey guys I have a 3rd gen predator 212 non Hemi head with the 27/25 valves and the smaller 5mm valve stems. I bought the stainless steel valve kit with the 5.5mm valve stems and I am going to have my machine shop ream out the guides to fit the larger valves now my question is should I run valves...
  19. Bonanza Bryan

    Long Travel Front Suspension

    Here’s a few pics of something I’ve been working on
  20. Bonanza Bryan

    Bonanza MX Style Gas Tank

    Just like the title says looking for a bonanza mx tank anyone have one they are willing to part with?