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  1. Biffmini

    Gumpit's Cast Off--1970 CAT 300SS

    That's a fine looking Cat
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    Chrome alternative I just sent a quote request for Cosmichrome On my Trail Horse clutch guard. Waiting on a response......
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    Anyone know where to find performance parts for The h35 powersport?

    There's no performance parts for the H35
  4. Biffmini

    Square Tubed Minibike Frame project

    The noise is probably your recoil clutch
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    General Appliance Decal HELP

    Trail Horse / General Appliance. I'm looking to get reproduction decals made & need a little help.With measurements & any good photos that may help. The decals I need are the Trail Horse SS 300 & The Montgomery Ward 500 Clutch Guard Decals. Wanting to repo as accurate as...
  6. Biffmini

    Trail Horse decal size?

    Im working with him on this venture. I still need good photos & measurements to get accurate reproductions. I'm also needing Montgomery Ward 500 Clutch Guard decal as well.
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    Trail Horse decal size?

    It's the thought that counts.....
  8. Biffmini

    Foot Pegs replacement question?
  9. Biffmini

    HS50 score

    Yep there's is good stuff to be had here in ohio, & the tank will be cleaned up. I cleaned up one a while back it came out better than expected
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    Foot Pegs replacement question?

    I've have an extra set like I'm using on my build..... I used 1" stand offs for my app.
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    Anything Goes! Build-from-scratch Dutch minibike 4.0

    I sure envy your machinist skills & never knew I wanted to have the skills myself until I found this hobby in 2015. I can dream up what I think is some killer ideas, I'm just unfortunately limited as to what I can do. Anyhow love your work & thanks for sharing. You sure set the bar high! :scooter:
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    Suspened Trail Horse Build CUSTOM!!!

    Just a bit, to report. I got my tank back from the hydro dippers today, it looks sofa king good I can't help but just look at and admire it:p the foot peg stand offs & engine adjuster are done. I'm putting a lot into this gas tank & I don't even have a good carb & intake yet.... I leaning...
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    HS50 score

    Picked up a snow blower this morning for $25.00 Pulled the engine. It has great compression, had been run dry & clean oil. Hit it with starting fluid started right up. I'm definitely not going to stop looking for finds like this, but I feel lucky to find one that was actually maintained well.
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    peerless differential
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    Trail Horse decal size?

    I'm looking to get accurate reproduction decals, mainly the SS 300 chain guard decal. Can anyone help with measurements. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  16. Biffmini

    Heathkit Hilltopper find and build

    I think would be a great improvement. I have the 6" version of the same tire, that will be used on a future build 6ply. Should be some tough tires for some rough riding......
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    I don't have a aggie bike so this isn't doing me any good. I'm asking $12.00 shipped from Columbus, OHIO
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    Shop press metal brake ???

    I added a 20 to press to my tool arsenal. Now I'm looking for some homemade metal brake ideas or links.