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  1. Dubbsy01

    My Heald Superbronc just went up for sale on Craigslist Here’s the url:
  2. Dubbsy01

    1980 Heald Superbronc VT812 almost finished

    Hello everyone, I’ve hit a wall with my mini-bike rebuild. It’s 95% finished. It was completely torn down welds cleaned up primed and painted. 8hp techumseh motor and carb were cleaned and tuned. Nearly every nut & bolt was replaced with new. This was my first attempt at a minibike rebuild but I...
  3. Dubbsy01

    Torque converter issue? Need advice

    Hey guys I’ve hit a wall in my mini bike rebuild. After putting entire bike back together and firing up the motor I’ve found that it still wants to take right off as it warms up. I’ve adjusted idol screw as well as messed with fuel adjustments. I think something is not right with the torque...
  4. Dubbsy01

    Exhaust Suggestions superbronc

    Looking for exhaust suggestions for a Heald superbronc vt8. Engine is not original but a newer techumseh 8hp exhaust comes out the back under the seat, but not enough room to terminate between seat and rear fender??
  5. Dubbsy01

    Let’s try this again... more progress on the super bronc

    Lots of assembly progress done. Received the wrong sized fork gaiters so had to stop before putting in lower forks. But look pretty good so far I think!
  6. Dubbsy01

    More progress on the Super Bronc...

    Frame is done. Red line wheel idea was a fail when the tape pulled the red paint off with it... oh well black it is... can’t get more than two photos up right now??
  7. Dubbsy01

    Superbronc rebuild progress photos

    Had to grind down some real bad welds clean and prep frame for paint and have gotten two coats of primer done so far. Also primed and painted lots of other parts. Decided not to use the daddy Roth metal flake.. it got poor reviews and was going to be really expensive. Instead I went with this...
  8. Dubbsy01

    How to separate two piece rims that won’t come apart?

    I have a Heald superbronc vt8-12 after I removed the axle the two piece rims won’t separate? I took the valve stem out and still can’t seperate the two piece rims? Even put stem back and over filled the tires? Any suggestions?
  9. Dubbsy01

    Any one know Heald VT812 rear axle and rim size?

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to find out what the rear axle and rim size is on a Heald superbronc VT812? I’m trying to figure out a way to put a rear disc brake on one. I don’t have the correct motor or any rear brake on it now. The drum on the front isn’t stopping it now. Thanks!
  10. Dubbsy01

    Any suggestions on prepping frame for paint? Probably using rattlecans.

    My frame seems to be pretty pourus so I’m looking to fill in the pours to get a smoother finish. I’m thinking of doing a heavy metalflake rattle can paint job (like the old kids carnival ride bikes) lol! Only way I know how to describe it. But need to fill in some very unsmooth metal frame? Any...
  11. Dubbsy01

    Great way to remove surface rust on chrome!

    My Heald superbronc had some pretty bad surface rust on the fenders. My friend who recently restored an old Columbia mtd suggested I try using aluminum foil and soapy water. I followed his advice and here are the results! I was pretty impressed!
  12. Dubbsy01

    How to measure for replacement drum brake shoes?

    I’m trying to order replacement brake shoes for my Heald superbronc front drum brakes but not sure of the size any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  13. Dubbsy01

    New rides entry: 1980 Heald VT8? Super bronc

    Dubbsy01 1980 Heald VT8? Super bronc Picked this up last fall carb needs tweaking and brake isn’t working? But overall good shape. It’ll be a fun project!
  14. Dubbsy01


    Hello Everyone! My Name is Bruce I’m 53 y/o and I’m new to this forum. In the fall I purchased a mini bike that was running but needed som brake / carb work. I paid $200 for it which I thought was an ok deal. After a little research I found out it was a Heald superbronc. Maybe a vt8. I think the...