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    Exhaust Flex Pipe

    I need a small section of 1 inch exhaust flex pipe. I don't want to buy a 25 foot roll of the stuff.
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    1970 Arco Easy Rider II

    Just finished the restoration of my Arco Chopper. If I could figure out how to post pictures, I would.
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    Tecumseh H35 Engine ID plate

    Looking for a H35 Engine ID plate with the two rivets.
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    Tecumseh Engine Shroud ID Plate H35

    Looking for a Tecumseh H35 ID plate with the two rivets.
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    ARCO E-Z Rider II seat

    Looking for a seat for an Arco chopper. Purple?
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    Power Products AH47

    Trade my AH47 for a Rupp slant motor.
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    Power Products AH47

    I have a nice Power Products AH47. Fires on ether. Trade for a white Tecumseh 3-5 hp with rear exhaust. No side poppers.
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    Tecumseh H40

    Looking for a Tecumseh H40 to go on my 1970 ARCO chopper. Would even consider a H35 or H50.
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    ARCO E-Z Rider II seat

    Looking for an E-Z Rider seat, mine is missing and it was purple.
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    Rupp Chain Guard

    I am restoring a 1971 Rupp Rascal and the only part I don't have is the chain guard. I know they are hard to find and expensive when you do find one. Too bad someone doesn't reproduce them! I will go with a fiberglass one until I find a real one. Thanks, Skipjaz
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    My first Bonanza

    I drove almost 2 hours each way to get this Bonanza. They do not show up in Vermont very often. What model is this one?
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    1966 1/2 Taco 66 is done

    Clark Mfg clutch cover was the last piece.
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    Power Products

    Power Products? What Model?
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    9/16" Clutch Power Products

    I need a good clutch for a Power Products motor. 9/16" shaft.
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    AH47 oil ratio

    What is the gas to oil ratio for a Power Products AH47?
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    Powell Serial Number?

    I bought a roller Powell and can't find the serial number. I have wire brushed around the front of the frame near the fork mount. Nothing yet!
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    Pony bike

    I bought the Pony bike that was on my local craigslist. Took over a week to do the deal, but now it is in my garage. Made in Canada.
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    Rupp Kill Button

    Should the kill button be mounted on the right or left handlebar? How did they come from the factory?
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    Folding Handlebar Mini bike

    Rupp look alike, what is it?
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    Head Tube or Fork Bushings

    I have a Huskee Hill Climber made in Tiawan. I need new fork tube bushings. The need to fit in a 21/32" head tube and have a 1/2" diameter hole for the bolt. They are about an inch long and the flange is about one inch across.