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    Front Fork Disassembly Heald Super Bronc

    @Docdng The OEM Honda boots are very close to the originals in size and shape. The washing machine boots are longer and larger in diameter. And yes the Honda boots cost a few dollars more, until you add shipping, than the washing machine boots but they look and fit right. 31 with free shipping...

    Tire question?

    Looks like a winner to me! Now you need a matching one for the front...

    carb linkage


    Tire question?

    Rob cut some scrap wood that will hold the tire bead at the 7'' width of the wheel and then get a better idea of the tire fit. The bead is always narrower on a new tire as they usually get stacked instead of racked on the tread. This just flattens the section width and closes the bead. Space it...

    Tire question?

    YES it will fit. It will just take some creative manipulation. You will need to make the rim stable where it will not move or rotate while you do this. It really needs to be locked down to a table or a tire changer. A tire changer is best as it allows the tire to be free when you are pushing...

    What mini bike can I buy new right now?

    Close enough to make you look twice.

    Rebuilding a Gas Tank

    Tank looks nice. And its fixed right. Well done! Here is a page from Wray Schelin's Website,, about making flexible shape patterns with tape.

    We need to HELP FORUM

    Eric was the first person to friend me after I joined and it was because of his suggestion that I became a supporting member of the forum. Best money I spend every year. Hopefully now that the reason I have felt so poorly for the last 2 years has been discovered I can get beck out in the shop...

    Coleman 165 jack shaft bearings

    I have got to learn how to Hornswaggle if you can buy stuff for .10cents on the dollar....
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    We need to HELP FORUM

    Thanks for posting this @RobertC. This is a real situation that could spiral out of site with very little time. I am all for helping in anyway that I can. Folks please post suggestions if you have an idea how to share the load and maintain this great wealth of information and great people with...
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    The Nicest One In The Country.

    The odd thing I see on this bike besides the obvious seat position is that it has a battery and a starter but no factory key switch and mounting plate.
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    DB 30 Forks

    TNT. Clamp them to a bench and bend them cold.
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    Alexander and Reynolds Mini Bike

    Forks would be very easy to straighten. Clamp them to a bench with the bend at the edge and unbend them. You wont even need any heat.
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    Heathkit Hilltopper find and build

    Hey Rob I like this stuff far better than the old plastic split loom stuff. A piece of heat shrink on the end will lock the cover in place and protect the terminal at the same time. Very abrasion resistant and easy to use after a couple of times to figure it out...
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    Word Association Game

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    Trying to identify this gem

    Here ya go,
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    Shop press metal brake ???

    If it is a Harbor freight press please throw the plates that come with it away. They are cast and will explode under pressure. These guys /\/\/\ make a lot of accessories for shop presses. At the least you can get some...
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    CVT for predator 212

    Plenty of them have been used successfully by members. Here is a little reading on the subject for you.
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    The Best Guitarist You've (probably) Never Heard Of!

    The Jeff Healey Band
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    repair after setting with gas for a year

    We always used anything we had on hand. Bolts, washers, nuts and some chain. Then we got tired of shaking the tanks and wised up. We put them in the bed of the truck and they rode around for a week. Turned them everyday to cover all sides. They would be nasty when you cleaned them out after...