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  1. jimkemp

    My custom baja build

  2. jimkemp

    Baja Springer Front Forks

    Well I got the prototype springer forks done for the baja done , as soon as I get the adapters to get rid of the bicycle type bearing in the steer tube and be able to run a 5/8 bolt it will be time for testing
  3. jimkemp

    12" rupp wheels for roadster 2

    I need a set of 12" spoked rupp wheels (front and rear) don't have to be perfect just useable , let me know if you have a set
  4. jimkemp

    Rupp 71 to 75 seat foam

    Im in need of the seat foam for my 71 rupp project , anyone have one they can part with , can pay with paypal
  5. jimkemp

    Looking for a picture

    Who has a good clear picture of the tank decal on a Simplex Spitfire mini bike , or knows where I can find 2 tank decals ? this is the decal im looking for
  6. jimkemp

    Found a new project

    Found a 1968 simplex spitfire , its all there but the forks are bent , anyone know of a set of forks out there that might be for sale ?
  7. jimkemp

    Anybody going to this event

    I saw this and was wondering if anyone else thought about going
  8. jimkemp

    10 hp chopper

    Well I finally got this frame off the table toble , built with baja parts and a honda crf 50 front wheel , custom frame and forks that I built , going to run a 10 hp tecumseh motor just for fun
  9. jimkemp


    Well here is what I'm am starting with for the 2019 build off , I'm going to build a one off Heald VT10 , going to use hydro front forks , 420 motor and a few tricks along the wayTOM
  10. jimkemp

    Heald vt10 motor

    Looking for the correct motor for a VT 10 , Running or not , Thanks
  11. jimkemp

    Windber reunion 2018

    Has anyone heard any thing about the reunion for 2018 ????????
  12. jimkemp

    Springer forks for a standard mini bike frame

    Put together a set of short springer forks for this little frame I had sitting in the corner of the shop , now I have a reason to finish this bike just so I can try out the forks , they make the wheel base about 4" longer than the stock forks that were on it
  13. jimkemp

    Looking for this front wheel

    Please help , I'm in search of this front wheel , its a 10" wheel , don't need a tire just the front wheel
  14. jimkemp

    Hi everybody , new to the forum

    Hi everyone , I am new on here , I have started building custom mini bikes along with restoring other and all types of mini bikes , I have been building custom bicycles for many years and wanted to try something new , hoping to go to the Windber mini bike reunion if I can find out where to get...