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    Taco fork lowers and springs

    I’m looking for a couple sets of Taco fork lowers, complete forks or anything Taco. Either early or late style will work for me. Thanks!
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    Fox Banshee 125 frame & forks

    What you see is all I have! Motor plate has been creatively carved on (hacked) It rolls good. You would have had to have this as a kid to restore this one! There is a Fox tank on eBay right now! $100. or....Will trade for ?? I am in Fresno, Ca. Last pic is what it could be!!
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    Clinton Sign

    another sign on eBay
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    Found this 1973 Briggs

    I ran across this NOS 1973 Briggs & Stratton. The engine has never been started. I am thinking about building a bike around it. Any ideas on what frame would have been around that would be somewhat correct for a 1973 #80302? Thanks
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    HealthKit Boonie bike frame/ forks

    Just picked this up. $125. For what you see. Pick up in Fresno only Thanks!!
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    Wanted: Rupp C-350 rear fender and gas tank.

    Looking for decent usable parts for an original paint bike. Thanks!
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    This one has got me stumped?

    Anybody know what this was?
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    If anyone as close to Santa Rosa

    I would go grab this one for $15.
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    Couple of vintage frames
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    Wanted Rupp C-250 forks

    Need a set of forks that will work on this frame. Not worried about concours correct! Thanks!
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    Looking for a Bird Lark

    searching for a Bird Lark complete bike or just frame and forks. Thanks !! Kenny, Fresno, Ca.
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    Pair of 4" Manco? Go Kart front wheels/tires
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    Not sure what brand this is?

    This is a larger bike, the tires were 5:30-4:50x6. It looks like the rear wheel bolts right to the frame tabs (no swing arm) The neat part is the motor, it’s a Continental that has a generator to run lighting. Any guesses on brand would be appreciated!
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    Looking for a Lil Petro minibike or any parts

    Like the title says... Looking for this little bike or any parts (O&R motor and thumb throttle also a seat etc.) Kenny in Fresno (559)438-922eight