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  1. Addicted 2 Minis

    Hunt Wilde grips

    Before spending your hard earned money on those "NOS Hunt Wilde" grips you see on eBay, read this!, . Like many of you, I turned to eBay to purchase, and over paid for what I thought were "NOS Hunt Wilde" grips, only to find out...
  2. Addicted 2 Minis

    47cc pocket bike exhaust

    Looking for a Pro Jet pipe ( like the picture ) for a 47cc pocket bike. I would like a red muffler but any color will do, new or used, PM me if you would like to get rid of one.
  3. Addicted 2 Minis

    Lil Indian 400 survivor

    Well, I did it again!, I'm not sure of the exact year yet but I believe it to be a 1971. It's mostly original with original Tecumseh H25 and Michrina tag on the air filter cover. With the first number of the last set of the serial number being "1", it's more than likely the bike is a "71". It...
  4. Addicted 2 Minis

    ACME Mini Bike chopper, located in PA, $650 ( Not mine )
  5. Addicted 2 Minis

    RCF Micro

    I hope I'm not too late, post office delivered 4 days later than expected. I am in Afghanistan right now so having everything sent here may or may not happen, we'll see!.
  6. Addicted 2 Minis

    1968 Lil Indian resto-mod in Chandler, AZ ( Not Mine )

    Really nice 1968 Lil Indian with a hint of 1965 tastefully done and willing to ship!.
  7. Addicted 2 Minis

    Go Kart Cycle Big Bear Scrambler

    Missed the boat on this one, I figured I would post it here anyway so the pictures could be referenced. It was on Offerup in Lenmoore, CA last year for $500, I wonder who got it?.
  8. Addicted 2 Minis

    Paying my dues

    I haven't been a member here for very long but I feel it's time to pay my dues. This site and the members here have more than paid the $25 supporting member fee in advice, support and a certain kinship amongst fellow mini bike enthusiasts. It feels good to contribute, not only in helping others...
  9. Addicted 2 Minis

    WTB Huffy Hustler parts

    Just like the title says, I'm looking to buy some Huffy Hustler parts. Mainly rear brake parts, kickstand and the elusive clutch cover. PM me with what you have and what you would like to get for them. Thanks!, A2M
  10. Addicted 2 Minis

    Huffy Hustler, my wife is gonna be P*ss*d!

    Here's how my next MBA meeting is going to start. Hi, My name is Tad, like all of you, I'm a Mini Bike Addict!. I decided to stray from my normal Lil Indian and Ruttman niche and went and got me a Huffy Hustler. If anyone has read some of my other posts, you'll know I'm not a big fan of full...
  11. Addicted 2 Minis

    WANTED: Azusa header for West Bend 820

    Please, please, please, somebody make my new year better and sell me an Azusa header for a West Bend 820. NOS would be nice but I would also consider an un-repaired used one too. Send me a PM of what you have and what you would like to get for it. Thanks!, A2M
  12. Addicted 2 Minis

    Manco Streaker in Hartland, MI for $200 (Not mine)
  13. Addicted 2 Minis

    Calling all McCulloch gurus

    I have been contemplating running a McCulloch for a future build, thing is, I know next to nothing about Mac's. What is the best Mac I should look for to build, by best I mean easiest to get parts for, make good power and not break the bank. Thanks in advance, A2M
  14. Addicted 2 Minis

    Another Ruttman

    Saw it sitting there on eBay for a day without any bids so I decided to make the seller an offer. As soon as he accepted and I was going through the process of sending payment, someone bid on it. I kinda felt bad as it could have went for higher than my offer and he may have felt obligated at...
  15. Addicted 2 Minis

    Martin Mini Go Kart

    I pretty much know the story, it was used as a sales pitch for Martin caster wheels but this is the only picture I can find. If anyone has one or knows of someone who has one, I would love to have some more pictures. I know, it's pretty easy to figure out what the rest of it looks like but I'm...
  16. Addicted 2 Minis

    Lil Indian foot peg rubber end caps

    Found a good source for Lil Indian foot peg rubber end caps and thought I would pass it on. The website is and they have them in black or white. here's the link to the black ones...
  17. Addicted 2 Minis

    My newest addition 1970 Lil Indian

    Many of you may have seen it on eBay and being a Lil Indian addict, I just had to get it, thanks Diggers for another fix to satisfy my addiction. The bike is a 1970 Lil Indian and this one actually has a date stamped on the engine plate and thanks to having the original seat that is also dated...
  18. Addicted 2 Minis

    Ruttman Washer

    When it rains, it pours I guess, a few months back I posted a wanted ad for a Ruttman Washer frame and forks. Well about a week ago, another member hooked me up with an original un-molested, straight as an arrow frame and forks. While doing my standard clean-up I started day dreaming of how I...
  19. Addicted 2 Minis

    AZUSA style 5 spoke wheel help!

    Okay wheel experts, I need your help!. I bought these wheels off eBay thinking they were Ruttman Spyder wheels but they aren't. The seller listed them as AZUSA Astro wheels but they aren't. Both the original Ruttman wheels and the AZUSA Astro wheels have an inner and outer lip on the outer...
  20. Addicted 2 Minis

    WTB Ruttman washer frame

    Looking to buy a Ruttman washer frame and forks, no junk!, must be willing to ship. Send me a PM of what you have and price you're looking to get. Thanks, A2M