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  1. MB165

    Manco Thunderbird

    Custom manco thunderbird in granny smith green metallic. Runs great, rebuilt 3.5 Tecumseh. selling to get my son something bigger his knees hit the handle bars. $600obo, Baltimore, md. shipping not included, if you have a commercial account, I may be able to break it down into ups-able size boxes.
  2. MB165

    Briggs 5hp for sale

    Briggs 5 hp, This is a late 70s generator spec. the crank was machined to 3/4" threaded and keyway added. My son ran this on his manco at windber last year. runs good, standard ignition, leaks a little oil. clutch not included $65 from Baltimore, md. plus shipping
  3. MB165

    5hp briggs crankshaft

    wanted: 5hp briggs crankshaft for my leaf vac..... 3/4", 1"pto and 7/8" flw. journals :thumbsup:
  4. MB165

    wanted new style baja triples

    Looking for a set of these triple trees: id be willing to purchase outright or trade my existing triples running XR80 forks.
  5. MB165

    5hp briggs crankshaft wanted

    hi everyone, im looking for a crankshaft for my old ez vac leaf vacuum, it sucked up a rock and snapped off right at the block. its nla, so just need a good core and resurface it if needed. 5hp briggs p/n 397100, dual ball bearing, 3/4" tapped and keyed. thanks. 130212 1899-01 8412007
  6. MB165

    Rupp amber reflector wanted

    Wanted: I need one rupp headlight bracket reflector. cash waiting
  7. MB165

    HD spring for a max torque clutch

    for sale max-torque clutch spring, used for less than 20 minutes. one step above stock, 2200rpm. shipped usps from balt. Md. $10 cash, check, m.o. paypal accepted, buyer pays fees pick it up at windber $7
  8. MB165

    wanted tecumseh hs40

    looking for a complete hs40 with lighting coil setup, does not have to be rupp spec... any condition as long as its most / all there.....don't care if it knocks, smokes or locked up..... have cash, paypal, parts to trade, etc.
  9. MB165

    crazy monowheel

    just saw this on the news, new monowheel speed record, running a 6.5. I like how he did the exhaust guard
  10. MB165

    30 series Comet speed limiting weight set wanted

    looking for a set of comet speed limiting weights for the driver on a 30 series. used, new doesnt matter. thanks
  11. MB165

    wanted rupp kickstand

    I am looking for a decent condition kickstand (p/n 17431) for my 72 rupp. thanks
  12. MB165

    for sale honda xr100 roller, for local pickup or i can deliver to windber

    hey gang I have a 1987 Honda xr100 rolling chassis for sale. I can bring it to windber. no shipping, local pickup ok too. asking 100 OBO, don't be afraid to make a offer, cash, paypal, bitcoin....must be paid for before I load it up. I also have a point style ignition system for it, flywheel...
  13. MB165

    how do ya redo the square end of a speedometer cable??

    anyone been successful pressing a new square end on a speedometer/ flexcable? I have a cable on my rupp which is too long. I took the flanged end off and cut the cable and housing. it seems that if a lot of pressure isn't used to form it the will fray apart.....
  14. MB165


    Heathkit is starting up again, We just recieved their Explorer Jr TRF Am radio kit. Its all packed in order with a nice assembly book. Hopefully they will offer a minibike again someday...
  15. MB165

    a neat online distance, measurment conversion site

    Have yall seen this site yet? Does it all metric to inch or vice versa, type in your number and it converts it to every other dimension there choosing what to convert it to.... Distance and Length Conversion (Online Units Converter)
  16. MB165

    need briggs 5hp air filter spacer

    wanted......air filter spacer for a briggs 5hp, anyone have a used one laying around??? .....
  17. MB165

    NOS raptor block for sale

    Heres the perfect foundation for your next performance build. One NOS, iron bore Briggs raptor block. The lifter area has been welded for big cams, and the spring pockets are cut. Lifter bores can be chamferred upon request, no additional cost. $200 obo free shipping inside the lower 48, $25...
  18. MB165

    wanted lighting coil flywheel for H50 bigblock

    I need a good lighting coil flywheel for a old bigblock H50. Have cash waiting..........
  19. MB165

    1950s Johnson pressure type fuel tank question for ya old outboard guys

    ok you outboard guys heres a question for ya. I have a 1956 johnson CD13A 5.5hp. i want to take out and run next week. Fifteen years ago I got a nos johnson pressure type fuel tank for it off ebay so i sold the old one for it. i think it is a later production with maybe left over parts because...
  20. MB165

    Reproduction Tecumseh point cover gaskets for sale

    For sale, reproduction tecumseh breaker point cover gaskets. Heavy, high temp electrical grade fibroid paper. Two hole sizes available, specify when ordering. $5 each, shipped usps to US addresses from Balt. Md.. Paypal, bitcoin, cash, checks , money orders accepted.