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  1. losParanoyas

    Bonanza BC1500SH

    Selling this Bonanza BC1500SH roller for $800, local pick up only in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. I do not have the hodaka. The van kart is not for sale...
  2. losParanoyas

    Skat kitty

    I’m looking to buy a skat kitty. Would be nice if it’s in decent condition. I’m in Texas so would also be nice if you’d be cool with shipping or if you’re relatively close for a nice drive. Send me a private message with what you have... Thank you.
  3. losParanoyas

    Bonanza fork lowers and chrome rear shocks

    Hello, I’m looking for a decent set of bonanza fork lowers and a set of good chrome rear shocks. Picked up a bonanza and both of these parts are in very bad shape. Message me if you have these for sale. Adding two pics to show you how pitted the fork lowers are and to be clean on which rear...
  4. losParanoyas

    Bonanza help

    Picked this bonanza up recently. Original owner says it had a hodaka when they bought it but it got trashed pretty bad years ago. Gonna see him again in a few days to get the original paperwork from when they bought it from the shop. Can you guys tell me what model this is and also if there was...
  5. losParanoyas

    Fuji GoDevil bag and seat

    Looking for a Fuji GoDevil carrying bag and also an original seat. PM me if you have either to sell. Thanks!
  6. losParanoyas

    Need some Fuji Godevil advice

    I picked up a Fuji Godevil and I’ve read some older posts on here and watched the few you tube videos, but I’m curious if there’s a Godevil expert that’s active on here that could help me understand a few things... I can’t get the front wheel to come out without first taking a ring off that...
  7. losParanoyas

    Bonanza MX questions

    So I picked up this Bonanza MX yesterday and I’m looking through the forum and media section trying to figure a few things out. The fenders and the tank (which I don’t have) were orange. So that narrows down the search quite a bit, but the front wheel is not the normal spinner type wheel and it...
  8. losParanoyas

    Barris Super Stocker decals

    Hello, I’m trying to find a set of decals for a Barris Super Stocker that I recently picked up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  9. losParanoyas

    New Harrison Wildcat

    Hello... I picked up this Harrison Wildcat today and I’ve been reading through the old posts on here trying to learn more about it. Crazy that Phil Harrison used to post and help people out with stuff! Anyway...maybe some Harrison experts on here can help let me know more about the bike I have...
  10. losParanoyas

    Anyone out there have one of these?

    Does anyone have a Model T fiberglass kart like the one I attached? If so, can you send me pics of the kart? All I have is the fiberglass body and I’m trying to find the right type of kart for it. I have a van kart so I know the general type I need, looking for someone with this exact kind...
  11. losParanoyas

    Kart with snap rings

    Hey guys...I’m new to go karts. I bought a kart to be used for a fiberglass van body that I have and the axles have snap rings on the ends to hold the wheels on instead of a threaded end for a bolt. One of the snap rings keeps popping off when I test ride the kart. The recess for the ring...
  12. losParanoyas

    WTB - Go Kart Van body in Texas

    Anyone in Texas selling an old go kart van body? I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. PM me! Thank you
  13. losParanoyas

    Bonanza with Hodaka help/info needed

    Hello... I picked up a Bonanza with the Hodaka on it this weekend. I can tell the engine mount is incorrect but can some of you Bonanza experts help me figure some things out with it? What model is this... what is obviously not original, etc. A friend told me to check the engine code for an E...
  14. losParanoyas

    Hello, from Texas!

    Hey everyone, I’m Harley and I’m in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I’ve been on here for a little while and hadn’t even considered a hello post until I was getting an error message when trying to respond to my “Wanted” post. I belong to the Odd Fellow lodge in Oak Cliff and last year we decided to...
  15. losParanoyas

    K&S Hornet

    Looking to buy a K&S Hornet... roller or complete and I’m not super picky about model. I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Private message me and let’s work something out! Thank you