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    3/4" drive belts

    I'm assuming these "kelvar" belts are a new thing (Kelvar 1958??) What did they use previously.. Just a regular V belt? Reason being... I've got (basically) a 20 set-up, but my "shaft to shaft" is 15" Longest "comet type" belt I can find is 12-13" or so. Rather than going to a whole new...
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    what it is

    Baldwin Trail Cycle??? Prospector??? Blazer??? Has parts that look like all three... (Frankengoat)????
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    Tote Goat rebuild questions

    First... I have no idea what model.... Its square in back with the tubing just sticking out (one page says its a 675, another it looks like a 403)... Not a shaft drive, chain drive to rear wheel and another shorter chain, and a belt sheave I just want to rebuild it well enough to haul game...