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  1. J

    Briggs 5hp lighted coil flywheel

    this is probably a long shot but Im looking for a lightedcoil 5hp briggs flywheel i have cash or trade thanks
  2. J

    6 inch wheels

    Looking for set of 6x4 inch wheels for a Harrison im building not intrested in steel wheels or the tri star wheels i have cash or trade please let me know what you have thank you
  3. J

    Heathkit boonie seat

    Looking. For a heathkit Boonie seat have cash or trade thanks
  4. J

    Ruttman judge or pak mule

    I know there some one out there hoarding these things LOL really only looking for a nice frame but let me know what u got got cash or willing to trade let me know what u need
  5. J

    Penneys roller

    Penney's roller has front fender engine plate tag say model 5309 $150 plus shiping
  6. J

    Cat 400

    Picked this up last week not thinking about all the other projects. I got asking $250 which is what I paid if don't sell in a week I will part it out I have the front fender just no pic.
  7. J

    Barn find cat 400x

    I happend to stumble upon this today after pickin up a doodlebug for my nephew to learn on the guy was dead set on gettin $400 for it but after some back and fourth and his wife telln him to take the money we settled on $250 so im wondering did I do ok? and other than the clutch cover seat and...
  8. J

    4hp or 5hp

    So im not sure on the hp of this engine ive asked a few people and its half 4 half 5 goin off the first 3 numbers i thouht 4hp thanks for any help
  9. J

    4hp vintage tecumseh

    5hp vintage tecumseh Has good commpression the plug wire boot is cut off so not sure if it has spark has a tank no cracks is kinda yellow but could be cleaned up with a good wet sanding $100 shipped
  10. J

    4hp vintage tecumseh

    hs50 vintage tecumseh Old 5hp tecumseh has good compression $100 shipped
  11. J

    Cat 400x

    Lookin for a front fender for one of these i picked up over the week end i got cash or trade pm ne with what u got
  12. J

    Early engine

    Picked this engine up today not sure as to what is very hevay engine had a tank mounted to the top tanks gone but brackets are there tins are very nice and in primer has compression $25 plus shipping
  13. J

    Doodle bug 2.5 low hours

    Picked up a db 30 today plain on thrown a clone on it for spring the guy who i got it from said the engine has less than 2 hours on it which i can belive its super clean starts right up $30 plus shipping
  14. J

    Another Cheeftah

    Selling this cheeftah this the one with the frame that has the bolt that holds the down tubes togther on the frame the welds on the upper triple tress are broke but frame has no cracks or bends has the brake still there asking $75 plus shipping or best offer thanks for looliking
  15. J

    Fox roller

    Picked this fox up with a bunch of other bikes and parts this weekend not really my style seems to be all there and origanal except rear fender $250 plus shipping
  16. J

    Heathkit boonie

    In the process of buildin me a boonie i realized the narrow skinny forks had to go so this what i came up with all brand new parts $200 plus shipping
  17. J

    Doodle bug springer fork sets

    Up for sale brand new custom built doodle bug springers comes with brass bushings $215 plush shipping
  18. J

    Ruttman Pak mule Harrison wildcat

    Well after a few months of working on them they are finaly done Ruttman pak mule and wildcat custom springer front end like the ones the ruttman spyder came with pics will be up soon and i will have Heathkit boonie and doodle bug ones done next week $250 for any style except the doodle bugs...
  19. J

    8 inch wheels

    Lookin for a set of 8 inch wheels for a boonie im doin lookin for sum thing 8x10 for the rear and at least 8x4 for the front i built a spyder type front end for this bike so would like to run 8inch front and back thanks
  20. J

    help i.d my tec

    So i think i have what is a 4hp tec i tryd usen the id sticky but the numbers on my tag has no letters the tag reads 143.943009 4108 0 any help would be helpful thanls