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  1. BMorgan85

    Curious about predator engine with different gas tank.

    I own a late sixties bird duck mini bike With an old beat up motor and a cool fuel tank that I like. I really want to get rid of the old motor yet keep the fuel tank so I was curious if I bought a predator 212 do I have to use the gas think that comes with it or can I attach the rubber gas line...
  2. BMorgan85

    Late 60s Bird Duck mini bike

    I was curious if there is a website or anything in which I could find replacement parts?
  3. BMorgan85

    Late 60s Bird Duck

    I found this on craigslist for $75 four days ago. This is going to be a fun little build.
  4. BMorgan85

    Duck frame?

    I recently purchased this mini bike a few days ago and i was told it could be a bird engineering "duck" frame? Is that what this could possibly look like? Thank you so much for your help.
  5. BMorgan85

    New to mini bikes.

    I recently bought this mini bike it's a 6 hp motor but I'm not sure about the frame. I was curious maybe anybody can tell me by looking at the picture of they have an idea of what this thing is even called. There's no logo or company or anything. Thank you.