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  1. Birdball

    Lil Indian build

    I picked up this Allied Leisure Micro Mate this summer and it had a non working 2.5hp Tecumseh, mangled forks, a nice 6" aluminum wheel, and a front 6" steel wheel. I was gonna sell it to buy a Ruttman because it was so little but then decided it would be a cool bike for my 11year old daughter.
  2. Birdball

    Just messing around...

    I cleaned up the h30 Sears rototiller side popper in my son's Ruttman. Bead blasted the tins, a little almond appliance epoxy and some decals. Looks pretty slick for a budget job! Also, resurected the h25 from my daughter's 'lil indian (allied liesure). Turned out it had a bent exhaust valve...
  3. Birdball

    Lil indian/ Allied Leisure front wheel

    I have a 6" steel front wheel off of my micromate. $50 obo, or trade for a 4 spoke indian/ Ruttman 6" wheel. Located in Milford, MI. Shipping extra. I take PayPal.
  4. Birdball

    Ruttman Spyder handle bars

    Need a set of Spyder handle bars. Please let me know if you have a set tucked away! Thanks Matt
  5. Birdball

    Lil indian front fork / handle bar combo

    Hey guys- I have an allied liesure / lil indian micro mate with straight bars and mangled forks. I'd like to put a set of lil indian forks on it with bent forward bars. Anyone have an extra fork around? Thanks Matt
  6. Birdball

    Id on this please?

    The fork looks like a cut off Ruttman, but I am not sure about the frame and wheels:
  7. Birdball

    Ruttman Spyder build

    Hi guys- I'm new here and really enjoying all your knowledge! I got bit by the Ruttman bug this summer and now on my second build- this one's for my wife. I picked up a roller Spyder with bad bicycle handle bars. Also found an HS50 and cleaned it up to reconfigure for a mini bike:
  8. Birdball

    HS50 flames out exhaust

    Hi guys- new to the forum and really appreciate all of the deep knowledge here! I am messing around with an HS50 that i am prepping for a Ruttman Spyder. I removed the governor and installed a Dosens 631918 carb that I learned about from some other threads. Engine starts fine and I got the...