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  1. JimmyC

    Rupp TT500

    Shifting into 2nd.
  2. JimmyC

    MTD Trail Flite

    MTD trail flight mini bike. Runs Great. Lights work front (high beam and low) and rear $699.00
  3. JimmyC

    Cleaned up and ready for another year

    Got everything started up, cleaned and ready to play with. Come on warm weather.
  4. JimmyC

    Mini Bike Wheelie

    My son JohnC caught a perfectly timed picture of me doing a wheelie on one of my bikes. I am impressed with the torque of the Predator 212.
  5. JimmyC

    Big mini bike?

    I picked this up today. I (was told it's a mid 60's) Rokon. Actually started right up and I rode it. Has a 3 speed and is pretty easy to ride. Kinda light too. Would it be considered a mini bike or a motorcycle? JimmyC
  6. JimmyC

    Lil Indian reproduction?

    My son picked this up and was wondering if it's a reproduction. He asked me to post to get some information on it. The fenders are plastic. Any information is appreciated. Thanks JimmyC
  7. JimmyC

    Rupp 1/8 scale model kit.

    I see MPC recently released a reissue of the Rupp Roadster model kit. Thought I would pass it along.
  8. JimmyC

    Got lucky today on CL.

    Picked up this MTD off CL today. Got it cleaned up and running in about 2 hours. Was 15 minutes from my house.
  9. JimmyC

    My new kart

    Had plenty of karts. This is a first for me.
  10. JimmyC

    Ruttman. something?

    Selling a Ruttman (not sure what model). Has 6" mag wheels. Wheels are worth more than opening bid :wink:. Ruttman Mini Bike Vintage Minibike Frame with 6" Mag Wheels Lil Indian | eBay
  11. JimmyC

    Got this today. Lil Indian?

    Picked this up today. I believe it's a Lil Indian. The wheels have no lip. Not sure if tires are original but looks like they'll clean up nice. Has the two speed jack shaft (not sure if original), no main clutch. The handle bars look nice and fold up and down. Looks like motorcycle shocks on rear.
  12. JimmyC


    Not sure what model but I believe a Ruttman. Got it today. Has 6" mags that look pretty good. Needs the front forks straightened. Have no clue on the BS engine with the weird carb.
  13. JimmyC

    Montgomery Ward 525

    Other Makes Montgomery Ward Mini Bike 5HP Tecumseh Minibike | eBay
  14. JimmyC

    What is it?

    Got off of Craigslist today. Have no clue of what it is. Any help?
  15. JimmyC

    When it all started.

    1972. I think it was a lil indian. String throttle and no fly wheel shroud (starter was broken). And yes it did catch the back of my leg on the fly wheel while riding (about 10 stitches). What a great memory.
  16. JimmyC

    Rupp Black Widow

    I picked up this Black Widow today. I'm sure it was restored but I really like it. Thought I would share some pictures.
  17. JimmyC

    Auranthetic Charger Motor Bike

    I picked up a Auranthetic Mini Bike. It came with a title and was looking for information on to where the serial # is on the bike and motor. It looks to be 100% original except the batteries (which I installed) and battery cover hold down straps. Thanks Jimmy
  18. JimmyC

    New to the forum

    Hi everyone, Just joined recently and this site is really cool. Great info and pictures of bikes. I've had a few Rupps and other minibikes over time. I now have a MTD Trail Flite. I believe it's all original except I changed the cables and made a torque converter cover for it. I really like the...