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    Tubing rollers needed

    Stab in the dark, I know, but I'm looking for a set of tubing rollers for 1 3/8" tubing to fit a Harbor Freight roller. Swag has them, but trying to avoid having to buy new for putting a slight bend in only two pieces. Thanks
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    Lil Indian/Tecumseh alignment question

    So, I've been staring at my (approx.) 1970 Lil Indian and 1979 Tecumseh 3.5 HP sidepopper. I bought this bike years ago as a roller, without a motor, but assume it must have originally come with a Tecumseh as it has the hole in the motor plate. Additionally, the Lil Indian has it's original...
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    An alternative to crimping fork tube ends

    I was thinking about this a while back, and after a little research, I came across some tie rod ends on the Jegs site. It's their part #64157. Might have to simply file the threads down just a hair in order to fit inside 7/8 tubing. A nice little tig bead would do the trick. There may also...
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    Fuel tank in frame?

    Here's a question: If a mini bike frame (or portion of that frame) was made from something like, say, 1 1/2" tubing; could the frame then be used to actually serve as the tank? It seems filling could be accomplished by welding a "standpipe" with a bung on top. The point at which the supply was...
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    Gas tank diameter question

    I've been looking at those round gas tanks on the Go Karts USA site as a potential for a project. I believe they're made by Little BadAss, but not really sure. Anyhow, they show two models; one 7" long and one at 11" long. The 7" model is specified at 4" in diameter, but I don't see a...
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    What happened to Weldking?

    Was wondering if Evan was still making those nice little frames. Haven't heard anything in a while. Just curious, is all.
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    Weldking Micro Frame

    Just picked-up my micro frame at the P.O. from weldking this morning and wanted to send a thanks out to Evan for doing such a nice job on this little baby. Also wanted to thank him for his work in raising those seat straps; that Honda GXH50 fits like a glove. BTW, Evan picked the right...
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    Cutting throttle cable

    Looks like I'm going to have to shorten a throttle cable I'm getting from OldMiniBikes. Anybody have any insight on what problems might encountered? I've never had to cut one of these, so I'm wondering about how to handle replacing that crimped metal "button" on the carburetor end. Any help would be...
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    Throttle cable adjuster advice needed

    Hello: Looking for advice on where to get a throttle cable adjuster (with the jam nut) to fit the OldMiniBikes R261 cable that I want to order. Going to be using it with my NOS Odeon twist grip. Don't really see the adjuster I want on the Warehouse site. I'm a little unsure of the size as I don't...
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    Why do I keep having to sign-in every time I go on this site? This happens even after being off for a short period of time. Anybody else have to do this? Getting aggravating. Thanks
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    JD Squared bender

    Does anybody out there have a JD Squared bender with a 180 degree die for 7/8" tubing on a 3" center line radius? Reason I'm asking is I have two pieces of 7/8 x .083 wall DOM tubing that I'm looking to have bent and was trying to find someone with a bender like this. These two pieces are only...
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    Tubing benders

    Well, so far I've got a small collection of parts for my new build but (oddly enough) no tubing. At this point I'm beginning my search for a decent tubing bender. The most likely suspect seems to be the JD Squared Model 3. Does anybody out there have any experience with this? Any opinions...
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    Kenda Turf tires

    Is anybody out there using Kenda 9x3.50-4 tires with the K372 turf thread pattern? I'm looking at these as potentials for one of my projects with 4" aluminum wheels that would look better with these smaller sized tires. If so, would it be possible to get a photo or two? :smile: Thank you...
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    Carlisle Turf Saver tire wanted

    I'm looking for a new Carlisle Turf Saver tire size 4.10/3.50-4. It's Carlisle part number 511025. Dimensions should be 10.7" dia. x 3.9" wide. Notice I didn't say 4.10-4 on the size as that's number 5110251 and is dimensioned a little differently. I've seen many of the size I'm looking for...
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    Tecumseh Serial # question

    I have a chance to pick up a Tecumseh H35 engine the owner claims is N.O.S. It certainly looks clean and the serial number reads as follows: H35-45455M SER 9109B. I'm thinking of this for my Lil Indian but not sure if it would be the right fit. Just don't know enough about Tecumseh. Is this...
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    What is that kickstand?

    I'm looking for a kickstand similar to that on Merlin's 70 Ruttman that is shown on the Mini Bike Event thread in the Detroit car show. Looks like it mounts down under with no visible spring. Anybody have a source for this? Thank you.
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    Crimping fork tubes

    Does anybody out there know of some metal shop or fabricator who has the necessary equipment (dies) to crimp the ends of 7/8" fork tubes in a similar fashion to the early Lil Indian or Ruttman bikes? Thank you
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    Making your own forks

    These things are usually made of 7/8 tubing, and the way I see it, there are basically two major problems most of us would have in attempting this. The first is the triple trees. These are usually made of 3/16 plate, which I would probably suggest making out of cold rolled stock. Luckily, I...
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    Lil Indian

    Unfortunately, I've got to put this Lil Indian frame up for sale. Too many projects going on. Hopefully, these pics get-on okay. What I've got is a small frame Lil Indian that I had bead blasted and primed. I didn't want to paint this and therefor limit someone's color choice. It is a...
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    Carlisle 4" studded tires for sale

    I have 2 brand new Carlisle 410x350x4 studded tires with 2 new L stem tubes for sale. Bought these a short time ago from the Warehouse for one of my bikes but decided not to use. Beautiful tires have been kept dry and clean. Never been inflated. Over $50.00 invested........ not including...