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  1. Frank Bullitt

    Custom bodywork

    So I am getting bored with my doodlebug. I have decided to build a fiberglass body work and make a gas tank mounted to the top of the frame. I want to make it look like a old flat track bike. I have made some progress so far. I built a base for the mold I will be using out of wood and...
  2. Frank Bullitt

    Have you seen this?

    I want one bad! Do you guys know what the frame/fork is? It is called the Phil Little Mini Champ. Phil Little Racing - Vintage Mini Race Body - The Mini Champ
  3. Frank Bullitt

    Phil Little Racing Tires

    Well my doodle bug needs a new back tire and I want to get something like the tires here Phil Little Racing - Mini Bike Race Tires & Tubes They look like they would do great in the turns on dirt and be better than the stock doodle tires on the street. Anyone used these? What brand are they...
  4. Frank Bullitt

    How to 10HP for clone?

    I have a 6.5 clone in my doodlebug and need more power! So far I have a custom exhaust. Removed governor. Removed the airbox but I am still with the stock filter. Royal Purple synthetic oil. I wish I had a dyno! What would you guys suggest for a 3.5HP boost?
  5. Frank Bullitt

    I want one of these

    Anyone heard of antonov? Products They make planetary transmissions mostly I think these are seen on Rotrex superchargers but they have applications for altenators and a generic pulley application.They are mechanical. I want one on my minibike!
  6. Frank Bullitt

    Who makes the clone valve springs?

    Is there anything particularly special about them besides a "known" compression? I know it might sound stupid but couldn't a hardware store spring of the proper compression and dimensions be used? Metal fatigue after many compression cycles might be a problem. I ask this crazy question...
  7. Frank Bullitt

    6.5 clone popping

    My clone motor pops when I come off throttle. It is stock except I took off the airbox cover and put a header on it with one of those generic briggs mufflers. When I made the header I used the stock flange which is a piece of crap because it is round when the exhaust port is d-shaped. Could this...
  8. Frank Bullitt

    6.5 clone cam

    I took out the govenor on my 6.5 clone today and when removing the cam there was some wierd looking stuff on the backside of the cam gear. Are they some sort of balancing?
  9. Frank Bullitt

    Custom exhaust

    I spotted some 3/4" and 1" electrical conduit at home depot they even had prebent 90 degree pieces which I would think make an excellent use for custom exhaust fabrication. Have any of you used this material for this purpose before? It looks like alluminum in the photo but actually is steel I...
  10. Frank Bullitt

    Keeps throwing the chain.

    I swapped my 6.5hp HF motor on my doodlebug I made sure the chain wasn't too loose. I got the clutch inline with the rear sprocket as close as I could eyeball it and verified with a straight edge. Everything looks good but it still throws the chain very easy. I barely make it out of the...
  11. Frank Bullitt

    Chain too short!

    Man I feel like a idiot! I tried shortening the chain today. Our chain breaker is missing the pin to push the chain pin through. So I shortened it with a grinder. It had been a long time since I did this and forgot to make sure the right link could hook up with the other end. So I cut it too...
  12. Frank Bullitt

    Custom Tanks

    I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head for a custom gas tank for my doodlebug. Since I have a nice new 6.5 clone I want a nice custom gas tank to better show off the motor and to make the bike look better. Please show off your custom gas tanks!
  13. Frank Bullitt

    Converting a 6.5 clone to E85

    Anyone done this? What ould have to be done to convert to E85? I thought it might be cool to run this fuel since the station down the street now carries E85 and it would be cool to shave the head for compression and run the E85 to keep the evil detonation away. I know I would need a carb setup...
  14. Frank Bullitt

    Doodlebug sprocket

    I have access to a plasma machine that will automatically trace a paper pattern and cut a duplicate out of steel of course. My problem is I don't know how many teeth my new better sprocket should be. I am trying to make the bottom end better on my stock doodlebug. So how many teeth should the...
  15. Frank Bullitt

    Doodlebug Fork Vibrates!

    When cruising down the smoothest of roads the fork legs and wheel vibrate back and forth. It seems the fork isnt sturdy enough or something. The thing shakes towardss the frame and then away. Anyone reinforce their fork? Or is this normal? I don't want to end up at the bottom of a ditch with a...
  16. Frank Bullitt

    Pic request

    Does anyone have pics of a white minibike? I don't think I have ever seen one painted white. I tried finding one in the photo section but had no luck.
  17. Frank Bullitt

    speedometer solutions

    I have been wanting to know how slow my wussmachine is and I think I found a solution. Tachometer made from a bicycle speedometer (cyclocomputer) - Instructables - DIY, How To, tech This could also be used as a cheap tach instead o a fancy 300 dollar digitron. basically you program a cheap...
  18. Frank Bullitt

    electric minibike

    I would think it would be kind of cool to get a 5hp electric motor on mini. it might get boring being silent. I love gas motors and I am not some environmentalist, but just think it would be interesting to see what it's like. I understand electric motors have full torque instantly. might make a...
  19. Frank Bullitt

    The Wussmachine

    I may have to change it's name once I get my 6.5hp, but for now it will do. Did some work on it today. It has bugged me since I got this thing and today I did something about it. I just cannot believe has high they mounted the fenders on these things to me it is just too ugly. I cut off the...
  20. Frank Bullitt

    2.8hp wussmachine crankcase cover removal

    I want to remove the governor on the 2.8hp lifan on my doodlebug I know the risks but want more power. I take care of the motor and don't abuse it but would like some more power out of it to tide me over until I switch to a 6.5hp motor. My question is will I have to replace the gasket? I don't...