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  1. Inventorpardue

    Electric Mini

    Its on CL in Macomb Co MI Posting the 2 photos to OldMiniBikes in case the ad goes away. Never saw one like it before. The ad reads: "This vintage scooter runs on a 12 V car battery (not included). I do not know the make or model or year. Runs great and is quiet. Has a loud horn that maybe was...
  2. Inventorpardue

    Scotchbrite Wheel for the Bench Grinder: Which One?

    3M offers different "Scotchbrite" wheels to fit the bench grinder. Used one years ago. It was long-lasting and did a great a job contouring, edge smoothing, and de-scratching stainless steel in preparation for buffing and polishing. Don't know which one I used, they offer several types, but...
  3. Inventorpardue

    2 Two Speed Clutch, Jackshaft, Gear Ratio, and Speed Calculators

    Jackshaft, Gear Ratio, and Speed Calculators The Fairbanks-Morse and Comet need a dual sprocket clutch like this one from OldMiniBikes on the engine. The Fairbanks-Morse uses a standard clutch on the jackshaft. The Comet requires a hard-to-find jackshaft clutch that fixes the bell to the shaft, and...
  4. Inventorpardue

    Auburn CA ad says "Mini Bike"

    What a collection of bikes. The two words "Mini Bike" are right there in the ad:
  5. Inventorpardue

    Buell X1 Lightning

    In the thread about Kohler and Briggs V-twin performance I mentioned having a tube-frame Buell X1 Lightning, so here is a thread about this unique American machine. If you know about Buell, skip this paragraph. Erik Buell today owns EBR, Erik Buell Racing. In the 90's he owned Buell...
  6. Inventorpardue

    Score: Lincoln IdealArc 250 AC/DC

    While I love my Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC stick welder, I scored a flat top Lincoln IdealArc 250 (300 Amps AC, 250 Amps DC) this morning. Once I get the Lincoln fitted out with leads and wheels, I can start saving for the Hobart IronMan 230 with MIG torch + spoolgun. The Miller T-Bolt will...
  7. Inventorpardue

    Three Chain, Two Speed Transmission Illustrated

    In the early 70's I bought a used Sears minibike, with a sprung seat. It had a Tecumseh 4HP and the three chain, two clutch, two speed transmission system similar to other minis of the time. It was the only one we ever saw back then. The chains were badly rusted and the overunning bearing...
  8. Inventorpardue

    New Member and Builder

    Nice to be here, I'm from Fort Myers, Florida and got my hands on the largest minibike frame I've seen. I love some of the project bikes here, its getting me motivated! I have most of the parts for making a trick little dragster, and I got a 215cc Cuyuna single, new, to put on there. Got...