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  1. Frank Bullitt

    Cheap universal muffler

    I really like the sound of mine. Not too loud and obnoxious but you definitely hear it coming. I soaked mine in muriatic acid for a while to get off the zinc or whatever the coating was and painted it with high heat paint. Pretty sweet for 5 bux.
  2. Frank Bullitt

    Stock brakes: full performance.

    So how do you adjust the preload? Guys you should check the caliper mine had the posts (the chrome shafts the caliper slides on) mine were cross threaded so the calipe doesn't work right and the pad doesn't cover the rotor as it should. I also saw a thread on here that says replacing the brake...
  3. Frank Bullitt

    Custom bodywork

    That pig is awesome it needs some wings and I would ride it. Not what I had in mind though.
  4. Frank Bullitt

    Custom bodywork

    So I am getting bored with my doodlebug. I have decided to build a fiberglass body work and make a gas tank mounted to the top of the frame. I want to make it look like a old flat track bike. I have made some progress so far. I built a base for the mold I will be using out of wood and...
  5. Frank Bullitt

    Have you seen this?

    On the website it says it's and Azusa New Style frame. What does that mean? The Azusa website doesn't have any frames that I could find that look the this one around the head tube not sure what kind of fork that is either.
  6. Frank Bullitt

    Have you seen this?

    I want one bad! Do you guys know what the frame/fork is? It is called the Phil Little Mini Champ. Phil Little Racing - Vintage Mini Race Body - The Mini Champ
  7. Frank Bullitt

    Manual transmission

    transmission One entry found. Main Entry: trans·mis·sion Listen to the pronunciation of transmission Listen to the pronunciation of transmission Pronunciation: \tran(t)s-ˈmi-shən, tranz-\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle French, from Latin transmission-, transmissio, from...
  8. Frank Bullitt

    The MiniBike Killer !

    I never really had my own motorcycle. I got to ride our mini bike sometimes. ten years past and we had a new Yamaha 125. Sold that after my little brother was too big and he bought a YZ426 now that's a big difference!
  9. Frank Bullitt

    Phil Little Racing Tires

    Well my doodle bug needs a new back tire and I want to get something like the tires here Phil Little Racing - Mini Bike Race Tires & Tubes They look like they would do great in the turns on dirt and be better than the stock doodle tires on the street. Anyone used these? What brand are they...
  10. Frank Bullitt

    Official db30 stock top speed.

    I think this guy must have forgot he ordered the Smokey Yunick edition. I suggest his mini be sent to the labs to see why it is so fast!
  11. Frank Bullitt

    How to 10HP for clone?

    I thought about doing this, as I seen it on I wasn't sure if it would be safe. I guess if the cooling system was designed for a engine that would just sit there it might be okay to do since the mini bike isnt static and air flows over the motor too.
  12. Frank Bullitt

    How to 10HP for clone?

    WOW 1HP for the header! Oh wait I am slowly remembering what the piece of crap stock one looked like and 1HP is totally believable. What carb would you recommend?
  13. Frank Bullitt

    How to 10HP for clone?

    I have a 6.5 clone in my doodlebug and need more power! So far I have a custom exhaust. Removed governor. Removed the airbox but I am still with the stock filter. Royal Purple synthetic oil. I wish I had a dyno! What would you guys suggest for a 3.5HP boost?
  14. Frank Bullitt

    speedometer on doodlebug?

    Is it cheaper than like $25?
  15. Frank Bullitt

    Kustom Evel Knievel Doodle bug :)

    Wow that bike looks surprisingly good. I think the seat was a great idea and isn't wierd looking. Dude this would look way better if you drop the fenders down. It will surprise you how it changes the look. So when will you be selling the fender stickers?:smile:
  16. Frank Bullitt

    Go Kart USA-What?

    It would be even more awesome if they were so lazy they drop shipped from Baja Motorsports!
  17. Frank Bullitt

    speedometer on doodlebug?

    Seen this? How to use a bike speedometer as a Tachometer. Tachometer made from a bicycle speedometer (cyclocomputer)
  18. Frank Bullitt

    Good Idea..Bad Idea

    I'm guessing it isn't good for your butt to be doing wheelies and thrown onto the ground?:asshole: Or it gets expensive buying new tires from doing burnouts?
  19. Frank Bullitt

    DoodleBug hydraulic brake

    This one looks like a way better deal. And the cooler braided line. Anyone know if these brakes use mountain bike mounts? I am pretty sure there are only two types of mounts on mountain bikes so if it is the right type it pretty much universal. So the point is I think this one would work...
  20. Frank Bullitt

    speedometer on doodlebug?

    So can I use it as a tach on the crank too? I am glad you guys have done this I thought about doing the same thing a long time ago but was too lazy and cheap to buy the thing.