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  1. Flat Head Phil

    Help identify this mini bike, im new to this

    With that Briggs 5s motor on it, you won't be doing any wheeling! LOL. They're about 2 HP.
  2. Flat Head Phil

    Murray track 2 wheels and tires?

    4 3/4" . Hi and welcome.
  3. Flat Head Phil

    History: Mini Bike Factories, Suppliers and Dealers

    A neighbor friend of mine had a Terra Cat back in the early seventies. Now I was living in western Massachusetts at the time, so not sure how it landed there except his father was a traveling millwright, so maybe he brought from Mich. . Anyway, it had a five horse Clinton, and the seat was so...
  4. Flat Head Phil

    Rupp Question

    Ok thanks for the info. I didn't know they used this frame with centrifugal clutches. I shimmed out the secondary last night, it's going to work out ok. My original primary is grooved out pretty bad. I'll see how the Comet 20 works with he 5/8 belt before I machine the collar. Carver, the bike...
  5. Flat Head Phil

    Rupp Question

    So I have this Roadster I took apart years ago, and I have gathered up some parts enough to start putting it back together. My question is: did the motor mount on the slotted or fixed holes? The reason I ask, is that I'm using a Comet 20 primary, and the slotted holes let it line up perfectly...
  6. Flat Head Phil

    Clutch Toasty

    Regular motor oil (or any oil) is no good for lubing a centrifugal clutch like that. Use graphite or one of those spray dry lubes even. Oil is better than nothing, but it burns right out of the sleeve in minutes.
  7. Flat Head Phil

    WTB Tecumseh HM-80

    IDK I'm not sure, but I think yer saying your blown up motor has an external coil? These 10 horse short blocks on epay are a good solution. Just bolt on your carb, muffler, flywheel, coil and housing and ride on 10HP Tecumseh Engine Short Block LH358XA 3 4" Snow Blower Tiller HM100 HM80 | eBay
  8. Flat Head Phil

    new tec versus old tec 6hp

    Pull the housings. I bet the black one has an external coil and the red one is a points ign. If I'm wrong, then you could swap the lighting coil. otherwise the flywheels are different.
  9. Flat Head Phil

    quality twist throttle reccommendation

    I like Gannar Gassers the best. These are knock offs though. Gunnar Gasser Style Throttle w Cable Maico CZ Husqvarna Alloy Vintage Motocross | eBay
  10. Flat Head Phil

    Torque converter!

    Whats the motor yer putting it on? Measure the diameter of the motor shaft and thats the bore size you want. Then you'll have to determine what pitch chain to use. Its most likely a 35 pitch sprocket you have on the back.
  11. Flat Head Phil

    Suzuki jr50 age

    Why hack it up? parts are available all day long. They were made from 76 through 06. jr 50 piston | eBay
  12. Flat Head Phil

    Rupp Roadster Belt not slipping/help

    The belt doesn't "slip" on the driven. Only the drive sheave. Your belt is too tight.
  13. Flat Head Phil

    Murray track 2 seat

    The stock Murray seat is really a leftover torture device from the dark ages. Not sure how anybody could ride one of those for more than five minutes. I'd rather sit on a punji stick. Get a real mini bike seat, some shocks and a couple pieces of angle iron, fab some shock mounts and put it...
  14. Flat Head Phil

    H30 Throttle Assembly question

    Good Work:thumbsup:
  15. Flat Head Phil

    Cat engine plate

    Bent forks is the other thing they're famous for.
  16. Flat Head Phil

    Buyers beware!!! OldMiniBikes!

    I ordered a monkey. Gonna have to make him a little seat right between the handlebars. Live delivery is guaranteed!:thumbsup:
  17. Flat Head Phil

    mini bike transmission?

    TAV :thumbsup:
  18. Flat Head Phil

    New Coleman CT200 6.5hp.. pics..

    I finally saw one of those in person last week. Of course I'd like to put a HM80 in it, but the frame looks flimsy. And there's no way those forks will hold up to anything but around the yard riding. For the money, I'd buy a Monster Dog.
  19. Flat Head Phil

    Cat wheel stars is there a market

    The stars would be cool, I'd be up for a a couple of sets for sure, but if I could stamp something it would be Cat clutch guards.:thumbsup:
  20. Flat Head Phil

    Leaking Main Jet

    I had the same problem with some cheap rebuild kits I bought from a site, Try to find an older NOS OEM kit off ebay or scour the www. I bought a bunch and have them tucked away. NOS Tecumseh parts are getting harder to come by. The new branded OEM kits are not so good either.