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  1. rugblaster

    H35 pull rope/starter question

    Need some advice. I have built 3 or 4 of these small block Tecumseh motors lately, they all run super, but I have one with a broken/missing pull rope and the recoil spring appears to be broke or non existent. I looked on partstree and all they are showing is the entire assembly, no separate...
  2. rugblaster


    I'm stripping the paint off this bike. It was originally red and now it's a quicky green and the numbers are missing off what I think is the original motor. Hummmmmmm????? I guess this is part of the kick stand for a double ugly MTD???? fastened to the bottom of the motor plate. Does anyone...
  3. rugblaster

    Tecumseh H35 Baffle, Blower Housing. part number 36552 or maybe 33342

    This is the part which bolts to the block, behind the flywheel, that the blower housing is fastened to.....I need one.
  4. rugblaster

    Ignition timing

    I'm working on my latest bike, a Sears Drover, with the original engine, a H35. While taking apart the motor for the overhaul, I marked the stator bracket that holds the coil. Later, when setting the ignition timing I found the original position was way more retarded than it should have been...
  5. rugblaster

    Homemade minibike tire mounting tool

    Continuing the Covid-Corona whatever, too many Coronas deal, shop tools whatever.... I was working on my Sears Drover and ordered some Carlisle 4.10x3.50-6 tires. Well, these things are stiff as a.....well, they are stiff. So I put them in the oven at 175 degrees F (Low as the oven would go, and...
  6. rugblaster

    Junkyard portaband stand

    Made this during the corona virus shutdown. The base is a discarded quadriceps weight lifting machine, the black part. The rest is small scrap steel pieces I had lying around. The saw handle is supported by two hooks and is tensioned by two 1/4 inch round bars with 1/4 inch bolts welded to the...
  7. rugblaster

    Tecumseh fuel tanks

    I'm working on this Sears Drover I found and got the original motor overhauled and running well. The plastic fuel tank has cracks in the bottom where the screws go in. I have another H35 motor, but it is worse than the other one. Are there replacement tanks out there anywhere? Can these cracks...
  8. rugblaster

    Sears Drover, maybe Puncher (Old house find) could be used as a barn

    Corona has brought me back to working on some mini bikes I found five years ago in an old house. There were four in there, a K&S, a Bonanza, a MTD (I think) and this Sears bike. I took it apart and used some old DuPont 606s lacquer compound to buff the original paint out, also the chrome. It...
  9. rugblaster

    Help please.....engine ID

    Hello fellers, I'm back on the restore mini bike deal after a few years doing other things. I found what I think is a Sears drover or puncher that looks complete, all original looks like. The frame is 1 inch tubing, so I think it is a Sears bike. It is a lime green color, with black and white...
  10. rugblaster

    Fuel Tank

    This is a custom made steel fuel tank. It is 9.5 inches long and 4.5 inches in diameter. It looks like it holds about a quart and a half. If you are astute at mathematics, you can figure it out. It is primed with automotive primer, ready for a custom paint job. It has a 1/4 inch NPT bung on the...
  11. rugblaster

    Anybody know what this thing is?

    It's about 3 feet wide
  12. rugblaster

    Can Y'all ID this bike? May be my 2016 buildoff entry

    Can someone ID this lil puppy? It looks original, except it's missing the gas tank. It has coil overs on the seat, springs on the front fork, a torque converter, jack shaft and lots of chrome. It has a band brake on the rear hub. It is a pretty cool looking bike. Also any art work examples...
  13. rugblaster

    Barn/House find/finds

    So, I'm relatively new to mini bikes and in fact, I've only had two. A 70's vintage K&S Hornet and a one-off build I did for the Build-off this year. (Be sure and check that out, Cactus Donkey by RugBlaster) In the process of building the Build-off bike I heard of different sources around town...
  14. rugblaster

    Rugblaster's 2015 OldMiniBikes buildoff "cactus donkey" jff

    This is my first attempt at this. I'm building this bike for my younger brother to take camping, general pasture riding. So, it will be used primarily off road. They have a Honda Trail 70 now, and they need one more in the stable. They bought a little Sprinter motorhome, so they need little...
  15. rugblaster

    Endurance run

    I have this K&S Hornet that I rebuilt. While I worked on it, I added a goose neck hitch mount to the frame so I could remove the front fork assembly and attach the mini to a Schwinn bike, making a pusher trailer type deal. So, I had this idea to ride this bike with the K&S pushing it to a...
  16. rugblaster

    new guy

    hello all...........I've been a lurker for a while. Enjoy the board. I recently rebuilt a K&S Hornet I found in Brownfield, Texas via Craig's list. It was pretty much a basket case. (it had 1/2 inch all thread for axles and about four coats of paint on it) my next one I'm building for my...